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Exploring the Castle[edit]

Majou Densetsu II Castle map 1.png
  1. You begin the game in grid E-5, just to the right of a treasure chest. Walk to the left and stab the chest to open it. Then walk up to it and collect the Castle Map.
  2. From there, proceed to the right. Watch out for the bats, and drop down to the lower level to the chest at F-5. Stab the chest and walk up to it to collect the first Great Key, which will increase your vitality as well as allowing you to access the first dungeon.
  3. Before you head to the dungeon, climb up the ladders to E-4. Continue to climb up to the yellow door. Only Popolon can push the door open, so have him push the door to the right until the door swings around. Then continue to jump and climb up to the top. Watch out for the skeleton that wanders back and forth; it can only be attacked from behind, and you must strike it continuously until it is defeated or it will rise back up again. Continue to climb up as high as you can go until you reach D-2. Stab and walk up to the chest you find upon arriving there to collect the Lamp.
  4. Climb back down to the level below and walk up to the yellow door in E-3. Have Popolon push it around and climb down the ladder on the other side. Drop down to the area below, and watch out for the boulders that rain down on you in F-4. Fall down to land next to the chest, stab it, and walk up to it to collect the first alternate weapon, the Arrow.
  5. Begin to drop down to the lower levels of the castle. Travel to D-6 and make a note of the entrance at the top of the screen. It is here that you will receive a password from the goddess Athena that represents your current progress.
  6. Drop through the hole in the bottom of the screen to D-7. Collect the chest that you find there to collect the Angel Ring. When you use the Angel Ring in the Castle, you will be instantly transported to the password room in D-6. When you use it in a dungeon, you will be transported back to that dungeon's entrance.
  7. Travel left to C-7 and make a note of the entrance at the top of the screen. This is the room of resurrection where one character can bring a deceased character and bring them back to life, but you need to collect the Salt before you are permitted to enter it, and you cannot collect the Salt without the Mongolian Sword.
  8. Now travel through E-7 along the bottom path, until you see a skeleton marching one level up. It may or may not jump down to the lower level, but be prepared to deal with it either way. Then climb your way up to the entrance in F-7, and accept the man's offer for guidance to the first dungeon.

Collecting the Mongolian Sword[edit]

Majou Densetsu II Dungeon 1 map 1.png
  1. From the dungeon entrance at A-5, climb up the ladders to the room above.
  2. Once in A-4, walk to the right. Climb up the tall ladder to B-3 and walk to the right to find the treasure chest in C-3. Stab it and walk up to it to collect the Dungeon 1 Map.
  3. Return to the ladder on the left and climb down to B-4. Continue to climb down through B-5 and B-6. Climb down to the second level from the bottom and walk to the right. Walk to the entrance in C-5 and purchase the Mongolian Sword for 20 coins.

Now that you have the Mongolian Sword, you can break many of the blocks that sit in the middle of the castle and dungeon passages. Before you explore the rest of the dungeon, it is recommended that you return to the Castle and explore the areas that you now have access to through the use of the Mongolian Sword. Use the Angel Ring to instantly warp back to the dungeon entrance.