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  • Primary Stat: INT
  • Attribute: Fire Ice Lightning Magical
  • Equip: Staff

Alike to the MapleStory/Blaze Wizard and Ice/Lightning MapleStory/Magician classes in original MapleStory.

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ID Skill Requirements Information on usage, cooldown and point values
10300061 Mana Front You have fine control over your magical powers. Lv0 Always on. Restores 1 spirit every 0.1 sec.
10300081 Teleport" Teleport forward Lv0 Activate to use. Grants knockback immunity.
10300001 Phantom Claw Slash the air with sharp magical claws. Lv10 Cooldown 0.7 sec. Deals 71% damage 2 times.
10300041 Arcane Blast Focus arcane power to create an explosion ahead of you. Lv10 Cooldown 6 sec. Deals 260% damage.
10300161 Mana Claw Fire a bolt of condensed mana. Lv46 3+Arcane Blast Cooldown 0.6 sec. Spirit 15. Deals 149% damage. Hold down the skill key to keep firing bolts, every third bolt deals 246% damage and is always a critical.
10300021 Flame Wave Fling a wave of magical fire. Lv10 Activate to use. Spirit 20.Deals 175% damage. and Deals 21% damage per sec.
10300011 Flame Tornado Gather fire energy from your surroundings to create a huge flame whirlwing. Lv22 4+Flame Wave Cooldown 16 sec. Spirit 40. Deals 142% damage 5 times. Pulls targets in.
10300101 Pyromancy An advanced fire technique of the Ellinel Magic Academy. Lv34 5+Flame Wave 5+Flame Tornado Always on. Increases fire damage by 3%
10300051 Ice Spear Gather ice from the moisture in the air and fling it at enermies. Lv13 Activate to use. Spirit 20. Deals 171% area damage and inflicts chill. Chill decreases movement speed by 15% and inflicts frozen at 6 stacks. Frozen makes enermies unable to act, but some powerful enermies are immune.
10300141 Ice Storm Crush enermies under great shards of ice. Lv25 4+Ice Spear Cooldown 12 sec. Spirit 30. Each shard deals 152% damage.
10300111 Cryomancy An advanced ice technique of the Ellinel Magic Academy. Lv37 5+Ice Spear 5+Ice Storm Always on. Increases ice damage by 3%
10300031 Chain Lightning Channel a stream of electricity to attack many enermies at once. Lv16 Activate to use. Spirit 15. Deals 62% damage. Hold down the key to channel, striking multiple times. After striking a target 5 times, deals 288% damage.
10300071 Thunderbolt Throw a bolt of electric power. Lv28 4+ Chain Lightning Cooldown 16 sec. Spirit 40. Deals 611% damage. The bolt bounces to strike nearby enermies.
10300121 Electromancy An advanced electric technique of the Ellinel Magic Academy. Lv40 5+Chain Lightning 5+Thunderbolt Always on. Increases electric damage by 3%
10300131 Magic Armor Envelop your body with a magical aura to protect yourself. Lv19 Cooldown 45 sec. Absorbs damage up to 6% of your max health.
10300091 Focus Seal Imbue the earth with your magical power, strengthening you and your allies. Lv31 4+Magic Armor Cooldown 45 sec. Allies within 5 tiles gain 1% physical attack and magic attack. You gain an additional 0.5%.
10300151 Elemental Master Harmoniously balance fire, ice and electric magic. Lv43 Always on. Increase fire, ice and electric damage by 1% 1 2 3 4