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  • Primary Stat: STRength defence
  • Attribute: Holy Physical
  • Equip: 1-handed Sword and Shield

Alike to the Chief Knight of Light MapleStory/Mihile class in original MapleStory.

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ID Skill Requirements Information on usage, cooldown and point values
10100061 Iron Defence Adopt a knightly defensive stance. Lv0 Cooldown 5 sec. Restores 4 spirit every 0.3 sec. Decreases damage taken by 10%, but reduces physical and magic attack by 25%. Cast again to toggle off.
10100091 Shield Charge Charge forward, dealing damage and knocking back enemies. Lv0 Cooldown 0.4 sec. Deals 70% damage. Grants knockback immunity.
10100001 Cross Cut Attack with two gallant sweeps of your sword. Lv10 Cooldown 0.45 sec. Deals 79% damage 2 times.
10100011 Tornado Slash Perform a spin slash to pull in the target. Lv10 Cooldown 0.7 sec. Spirit 12. Deals 81% damage 3 times.
10100021 Divine Strike Channel light into a shockwave, damaging and knocking enermies 2m back. Lv13 2+Cross Cut 2+Tornado Strike Cooldown 8 sec. Deals 501% holy damage. Grants knockback immunity.
10100141 Stinging Flurry Use Captain Allon's signature thrust to stab enemies repeatedly. Lv28, 5+Cross Cut 5+Divine Strike Cooldown 0.7 sec. Spirit 13. Deals 83% damage 3 times. The skill lasts while the skill key is held down.
10100031 Drill Thrust Thrust forward with your blade, creating a drilling whirlwind that damages enermies in your path. Lv37 6+Divine Strike Cooldown 8 sec. Deals 412% damage.
10100111 Longsword Mastery Captain Allon's secret training improves your swordmanship, increasing weapon attack. Lv43 6+Crosscut 2+Drill Thrust Always on. Increases weapon attack by 1%.
10100131 Typhoon Slash Spin with your weapon out to damage enermies around you. Lv19 3+Tornado Slash Cooldown 0.7 sec. Spirit 50. Deals 147% damage 5 times. Able to move while using this skill. Each hit pulls enermies towards you.
10100151 Iron Shield Raise your shield, greatly reducing incoming damage. Lv10 Activate to use. Reduces incoming damage by 25%. The skill lasts while the skill key is held down. Some attacks cannot be blocked. Damage reduction is halved in PvP zones.
10100071 Shield Toss Toss your shield forward like a boomerang, dealing damage. Lv25 4+Iron Shield 4+Typhoon Slash Cooldown 0.6 sec. Spirit 16. Deals 60% damage. Decreases targets' defence by 1% for 12 sec.
10100121 Shield Mastery Channel your devotion into your shield technique. Lv31 4+Iron Shield Always on. Increases critical evasion by 9 when you have a shield equiped. Increases perfect guard by 5% when using Iron Shield. Blocking am attack has a 40% chance to grant Counterattack Chance, increasing all damage by 3% for 18 sec.
10100161 Shield Booster Lift enermies in front of you with your shield, dealing damage and increasing physical and magic resistance. Lv46 2+Shield Mastery Cooldown 16 sec. Deals 190% damage. Momentarily increases physical and magic resistance by 450. If you are attacked within 18 sec, grants Counterattack Chance, increasing damage by 3%.
10100051 Shield Wall Shield your allies with divine power. Lv16 Cooldown 45 sec. Increases physical and magic resistance of 10 allies by 90 for 10 sec.
10100041 Warhorn Shout to raise morale, increasing the physical and magic attack of you and your allies. Lv22 3+Shield Wall Cooldown 30 sec. Spirit 40. Increases physical and magic attack of 4 allies by 3% for 10 sec.
10100081 Bulwark Create a protective barrier to make you and your allies invulnerable to enemy attacks. Lv34 4+Shield Wall 3+Warhorn Cooldown 130 sec. Shield 4 allies for 3 sec. Moving will cancel the skill early. Some attacks cannot be blocked.
10100101 Defender of the Faith Dash to the nearest allies and create an impenetrable shield to protect you both. Lv40 4+Shield Wall 3+Wallhorn Cooldown 130 sec. Shields 4 allies for 3 sec. Moving will cancel the skill early. Some attacks cannot be blocked.
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