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Mission 1: Seaside Stowaway[edit]


  • 1: Collect Resistance Drop at Insertion Point
  • 2: Man Machine Gun in Church Tower
  • 3: Secure Submarine Fuelling Roaster
  • 4: Breach Wall to Docks
  • 5: Locate Submarine Fuelling Dock
  • 6: Stow Away in Cargo Crate


You have been dropped into the woods just outside of town. There is a crate in front of you slightly to your right. Search behind the crates to find the resistance drop (Objective 1.) After that, go down the short path to the road, a car full of soldiers will go by followed by a bomber plane which destroys the vehicle. Go to were it crashes and use the mounted Machine Gun to kill the oncoming Germans.

After you have cleared the area of enemies and collected all the ammo etc., continue on up the street and shoot the barrels to kill the Germans near by, if they don't all die, use your pistol to neutralise the remaining Germans. Collect the Medical Canteens, there's three (Two at the end of a small gap and one behind a car.) After that continue on down a small alley, you will encounter one or two Germans, depending on how many you killed from the explosion. At the end, past the corner you will find another medical canteen, and a small gap, crawl under it.

You will emerge in a battle zone, go a few paces forward and then turn right, behind the building to your right hand are a few allies, ammo and health. After you have got what you need, go across the bridge as fast as you can without getting hit, and go straight into the first building ahead of you (the church.) In there is a radio and allies, go past them and up the ladder (to your right.) Up there is a mounted machine gun (objective 2,) use it to destroy the tank and any other enemies you can see.

After leaving the tower search the area for heath and ammo. Once you have this done move down the street, and around the corner at the end of this street is a medical canteen if needed, if not you can continue through the big door/arch. From here you can shoot the people in the courtyard area through the boarded up door. When you think all the enemies are dead, go under the hole in the wall and get the two canteens to your left. Dash out into the courtyard and kill anything you missed. There's a field surgeon pack on the far side - near the barrels.

Make your way into the street with the beaten up tank, and go down to your left, at the end of the street behind a crate. Continue on until you have reached a room with a German Officer interrogating an ally, kill the officer and get the fuelling roaster (Objective 3,) hanging on the far wall. Kill the three Germans in the street and go to the barrels, you can light the rag or shoot the barrels, either way you will blow a hole in the wall (Objective 4.)

continue down the path and kill everything in site, go the right at the fork in the road. Kill all Germans in site and search the area for the large amounts of health it contains, continue down the road until you see the U-Boat dock (Objective 5.) All you have left to do is go over to the crates behind the truck (Objective 6.)

Mission 2: Special Cargo[edit]


  • 1: Sabotage U-Boat Engines
  • 2: Set Explosives in Aft Torpedo Room
  • 3: Disable Radio Communication
  • 4: Set Explosives in Fore Torpedo Room
  • 5: Find Enigma Code Book
  • 6: Escape Through the Exit Hatch


This is a very short level, its also very entertaining (I like it because it was easy to make a map for!) Anyways you start off in a crate in the storage room in the sub, kill the two Nazis in the room and search the room for a nice MP40, and a lot of ammo (go out of the crate and do a U-Turn while crawling.) Continue on through the door, get the health if needed, but if not... you know what I'm going to say - leave it.

Progress up until you have reached the canteen, kill the enemies and get the medical canteen. The next room has a knife throwing chef, hes really angry so be careful kill him first and then kill the other Nazis. Search the shelves for medical canteens.

Continue on to the end of the sub, there is a lot of steam so keep moving or you will die. and sabotage the engines (Objective 1,) by planting explosives - stand back when they go off. A hole will have appeared in the wall, crawl through it and follow the tunnel to the end. Next climb the ladder and kill the Nazis. Plant the explosives on the torpedoes (Objective 2,) and move on.

In the next room are two medical canteens and four enemies, kill them and move into the next room, remember this room because you will have to exit the ship from here, it is the control room. Anyways move into the next room and kill the enemy manning the radio, destroy it while your are there (Objective 3.) Around the corner is a medical canteen, and a few Nazis in the distance. Continue on to the very end of the ship and set the explosives on the torpedoes (Objective 4.)

After this head back until you see the captain emerge from his small cabin, kill him and search the cabin, inside you will find the code book (Objective 5.) All you have to do now is exit through the hatch in the control room (Objective 6.) That's it, like I said a short level.

Mission 3: Eye of The Storm[edit]


  • 1: Find Resistance Weapons Cache
  • 2: Find Rooftop Hatch Near U-Boat Pen 2
  • 3: Destroy Supply Trucks
  • 4: Acquire Deployment Roster
  • 5: Infiltrate Wet Docks Facility


Now to be honest I really hate this level - the first time I played it, it took me two and a half hours to clear! I couldn't find the hatch. Anyways since then I have learned the ins and outs of the level but I still find it long - too long.

Anyways you have just emerged from the U-Boat hatch and are now on a platform between the U-Boat and the dock. Straight ahead at the boxes are a few grenades, get these and move on. To your left will be two enemy soldiers, kill them and get their ammo.

Before you continue look up at the top of the tower in front of you, on it is a sniper. Continue on and kill the Nazi beside the truck to the left of the tower, after doing so, search the area for health.

When you are satisfied, move on up the metallic ladder/steps past the truck. Once on top of the roof, kill the two guards on it and collect the weapons cache (Objective 1) on the far roof. On your way back - watch out for the two enemies on the roof to your left, you can't really kill them due to the angle, but try.

Make your way back down the ladder and use your sniper rifle to take out all visible Nazis. Behind the boxes near the stairs there is a Field Surgeons Pack, don't get it unless you REALLY need it, it will be very important in a few moments.

Search the skies for snipers then move nearer to the boat, kill the three Nazis that man the mounted machine gun, they are extremely dangerous. Once you are satisfied that your safe, move on and kill the two enemies at the end of the path. Search for the Medical Kit if needed, if you have less than 55% health, leave it and get the Field Surgeons Pack.

Again if you think the area is secure, move on there are three Nazis in total along this path (two beside the truck, and one nearer... unless you kill them earlier...)

Move on and kill any remaining Germans, when you get as far as the steps (the ones you go down,) start to crawl and snipe, do so until you emerge the far side. When you get that far do a U-Turn and go back the upper path for the health and ammo.

Once you ready move into the large open space and make your way to the right and then the left to the end of the right. You will have to kill several Germans on your way, but you can use your Springfield 03'.

The entire area is too big and complicated to cover in a guide so when you are satisfied with the area, move on behind the train and up the ladder to the left. Kill the Nazis on the roof and go to the last roof. There is a hatch you can climb down (Objective 2,) don't go down the ladder fully as you can use your sniper rifle to take out the inhabitants of the building.

Collect the ammo and health in that building (if you go to the far end, to the right of were you entered, there is a ladder that brings you up to several items of health and ammo.) Anyways when you have finished, leave by the side door, and use your sniper rifle to kill enemies in the distance, preferably while crawling. Before you continue on past the large bunches of crates - go to your right and around the corner to find a medical kit.

When you do go down the path with the crates, continue crawling and sniping even after you emerge behind the warehouse. Take your time and kill all the Germans, after securing the area move on onto the road and go to your right. Kill the guards near the trucks and then blow up the trucks. After killing any remaining enemies go inside and down the corridor and into the office. In there you kill the Nazi commandeer and get the deployment roster (Objective 4.)

When you have made it back to the yard with the trucks, destroy the last truck which has just arrived (Objective 3,) when done, jump up the crates and onto the beam that feel when you blow up the truck. Make your way onto the roof and enter the Wet Docks Facility (Objective 5.)

Mission 4: A Chance Meeting[edit]


  • 1: Sabotage Engines in Research Facility
  • 2: Acquire Engine Blueprints
  • 3: Infiltrate U-Boat Bunker
  • 4: Destroy all U-Boats
  • 5: Blow up Fuel Depot
  • 6: Find Dock Gates


This is the last level in "A Storm in the Port," it also is probably the last boring level! In my opinion only, of course. Anyways you will start at were you finished the last time, kill the nearby Germans and move around the corner to the left, hide there and snipe any approaching guards as well as snipers. When think the area is safe, move on.

Use your sniper rifle to kill all the guards around the train carriages, there's a Medical Kit the left of were you entered the area. When you have killed all the guards and gotten the carriages contents, pull the lever at the side of the track - this will cause the last carriage (with a mounted machine gun on top) to move down the line to were the crates are, you can climb up on the crates and jump onto the train, this will let you use the mounted machine gun to kill a large portion of the enemies in the next area.

When you have killed all visible Nazis, move into the yard and kill the rest, watch out for the mounted machine gunner at the end near the back of the second truck. Once you feel safe search the area for ammo and health - make sure to raid the first truck, its full of stuff.

When you are ready head on around the corner and go on killing Germans until you reach A room, kill the occupants (from a distance with your Springfield 03' and go inside. Move slowly down the corridor, listening for footsteps, if you hear any, shoot the owner.

When you reach the next room, kill everyone and raid it for ammo and health (2 x Field Surgeon Pack), it is probably best to leave the health unless needed but not really essential in this level as health is quite abundant (as are Germans!) Anyways while your in there blow up the engines, (Objective 1,) there are three.

Anyways move on down the corridor, again moving slowly and killing anything that walks. The next room has six Nazis - so get ready (as in reload...your...guns...why am I bothering...) to kill them. When they are effectively put out of action, get the Blueprints (Objective 2,) on the table.

Again move on (this time don't bother slowing etc., there's only one German,) When you enter the room kill all six Germans, there's 2 on top of the scaffolding. When finished there is a Medical Kit, and Field Surgeons Pack on the far side of the large frame (its the middle frame of a U-Boat... just for you information,) if you need them.

When finished continue on, you will hopefully emerge in the a control room, kill the German and get the Medical Canteen if needed. Go back the way you came and find your way into the next room (by crawling,) it contains several Nazis, who are very easy to miss. Once you are satisfied with your great aim (that's definitely a joke,) move around to the far side of the room and make your way down the corridor, before entering the U-Boat room go to the bunker (Objective 3,) kill the three occupants and use the controls to drop a torpedo on the first U-Boat, (1/2 Objective 4.)

Enter the room housing the U-Boat and kill any remaining guards (and get the health) Move on up the steps (on the far side) and go through the corridor killing enemies as you go along.

When you reach the next area, kill the enemies in view and head straight to onto the U-Boat, there is a huge turret on it, you can man this by pressing Square at it. Use it the eliminate the enemies who run through the doors, then use it to blow up the two huge crates (under the green netting.) Finally use it to blow up the fuel depot (Objective 5) in the yard ahead of the doors.

Satisfied of your safety, leave the gun and go to the far end of the ship to set the explosive charges (Objective 4,) and then search the upper and lower parts of the room for two Field Surgeon Packs.

Finally head outside and go towards the large dock gate (Objective 6.)