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This page provides the information on whether or not a mission has a gold star available and how to get that star. Gold stars are difficult to get. The following lists a few common mistakes for each level needed to help get a star - the main cause is generally not killing all enemies.


Mission 1: Your Finest Hour[edit]

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Mission 2: Into the Breach[edit]

  • After you man the machine gun, more Nazis are triggered to appear straight ahead.

A Storm in the Port[edit]

Mission 1: Seaside Stowaway[edit]

  • When you man the machine gun near the start, more enemies are triggered to appear from the sides.
  • When you man the machine gun in the church, more enemies are triggered to appear near the tank.
  • Near the end, make sure to search the area as it is easy to miss several enemies.

Mission 2: Special Cargo[edit]

  • When passing doors that are closed, open them as they often contain more Nazis, usually on the toilet.
  • When heading back to the control room (the level end), more Nazis are triggered to appear.

Mission 3: Eye of The Storm[edit]

  • Look out for the many snipers you encounter. They total about five.
  • Retrace your steps if you feel you have missed something.
  • There is an unlimited supply of Nazis in the U-Boat Pen 2. They are triggered when you man the machine gun.
  • Near the end, make sure to go around all of the buildings, as it is easy to miss a hiding enemy.

Mission 4: A Chance Meeting[edit]

  • Watch out for snipers, there are one or two.
  • When you find the first train, circle it a few times and shoot the Nazi on top of it.
  • When you man the triggered machine gun on the train car, don't miss any of the Nazis attacking. There's a lever close to the train car that you can use to move it a bit. The game does not prompt you to press the ACTION button when you approach the lever, so keep your eyes open.
  • Retrace your steps when you get as far as where the Nazis were using a mounted machine gun, there are huge chances you missed a few Nazis.
  • When you get as far as the construction rooms (the place after you acquire the blueprints) make sure not to miss any of the enemies working on top of the scaffolding.
  • Take your time when going through the two U-Boat rooms because they are full of extra enemies.
  • When at the end near the Fuel Depot, don't miss the enemy on top of the depot.

Needle in a Haystack[edit]

Mission 1: Rough Landing[edit]

  • Take your time in this level, because it is extremely easy to miss whole squadrons of Nazis.
  • When you are in some of the large areas, circle them a few times as not to miss anyone.
  • When you get as far as the windmill with the sniper, climb it and get your gun ready. A group of seven or eight Germans will start running towards the area you just left.

Mission 2: The Golden Lion[edit]

  • Snipers! Kill them all. There are many.
  • Don't worry about killing the Germans you pass in the truck, because they are not figured into the 95% you must kill.
  • Don't shoot out the alarms with your sniper rifle until after the enemy has turned it on. The alarm triggers enemies you need to get the 95%.

Mission 3: Operation Repunzel[edit]

  • This is a tough level to get a gold, but not impossible. Just don't miss any enemies.
  • At the grand hall where you find a German talking to himself, you have to let him shoot the panzerschreck at you to trigger more enemy soldiers.
  • At the end there are two Germans on the roof, don't miss them.
  • When going through the bedrooms (through the bookcase) don't forget the first doorway because there are three or four more Germans behind it.
  • When you're undercover at the start, kill the Nazis who are outside by pulling out your pistol at the start.

Several Bridges Too Far[edit]

Mission 1: Nijmegen Bridge[edit]

  • This is by far the hardest level to get a gold, you must not miss any snipers. There are four on the top of the bridge that you can only hit from the ground, and five when you go up the ladder.
  • Use the mounted machine guns to trigger more enemies, because they are easy to miss.

Mission 2: Yard by Yard[edit]

  • Don't skip any of the back streets or houses, there are so many other enemies you can easily miss.
  • At the "Sniper's Alley", turn into the first courtyard on the right, go on the ladder to trigger more Germans snipers at the far end building. Five or six will pop up from no where.

Mission 3: Arnhem Knights[edit]

  • Relatively easy. Use the machine guns to trigger more enemies.

Rolling Thunder[edit]

Mission 1: On Track[edit]

  • Take your time and kill all the guards.
  • Don't worry about when you're undercover. It doesn't affect the total.

Mission 2: Riding out the Storm[edit]

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Mission 3: Derailed![edit]

  • At the start of the level, take the right path to reach the soldier behind the bunker.
  • Snipers. Yet again they are all over the place. Don't forget the one above the second fuel depot.

The Horten's Nest[edit]

Mission 1: Clipping Their Wings[edit]

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Mission 2: Enemy Mine[edit]

  • Just kill as many as you can. It is really hard, but just keep on repeating it until you are successful.
  • Easy to get 95%, but impossible get out with 75% HP.

Mission 3: Under the Radar[edit]

  • Use your sniper rifle to get distance enemies.
  • Use the mounted machine guns to trigger more Germans. There are four machine guns you can use, and each will spawn a new group of enemies.

Mission 4: Stealing the Show[edit]

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