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Mission 1: Rough Landing[edit]


  • 1: Protect Corporal Barnes as he destroys tanks
  • 2: Find Kerosene
  • 3: Create distraction to open city gates


OK, this is a very easy level, so I will skip most of the usual basic stuff and tell you how to get from start to finish and noting else.

My first word of advice is to completely ignore Corporal Barnes, I have played this level dozens of times and he never has died, even when I completely ignored him (Objective 1!)

You start the level in front of Corporal Barnes - you have just dropped into Holland under operation Market Garden (for those who didn't watch the intro.) The first thing to do is run ahead to the small house and kill the German inside (you can't actually enter the house, so do it from the door,) once done move on killing Germans on the road, it is advised that you crouch while doing so and use the sniper rifle.

Before I continue may I just state that you cannot save the allied solider hanging from the mill. Anyways once you have reached the end of the road, you can use your sniper rifle again to pick off any more Germans in the field. Move quickly past the tank and shoot the kerosene bottle at the bottom of it, this is your distraction for Barnes - but like I said before, it isn't necessary.

Search the area for supplies (there are several items under the two wooden hut things beside the road.) Move on over the bridge, again crawling and using the sniper rifle to pick out distant Germans - also don't forget the Corporal Barnes and the American solider you find standing there. When you reach the next bridge - don't cross it, you can kill with your sniper rifle from a safer range on that side. Once you have cleared the area of Germans you can move on past the tank, keep moving to allow Corporal Barnes time to blow up the tank - but don't run off on him altogether!

Again search the area well and you might just find two medical kits! Again move on across yet another bridge; killing the Nazis as you progress. When you reach the next area, ignore the tank in front of you and head right, across the bridge, you will find a camp, kill the Nazis around it and get the Kerosene (Objective 2.) Search the hut thing to the right for a medical canteen.

Now this can cause confusion so listen - after entering from the bridge, you should progress via the left not backwards as it may seem. You may have missed the gap before due to its smallness. Anyways continue on until you are beside the tank, you can kill the nearby Germans and then get the Field Surgeons Pack beside the tank (don't bother leaving it behind for later like in other levels, you won't need it as badly.)

Anyways continue on for a while, as always killing Nazis as you go, until you reach a huge opening. You have plenty of time to explore this area as Barnes takes out the tank in the large building, I won't devulge any more details as the area is too big for detail.

So when you get back onto your small path, continue on as far as the lake, from the edge, use your sniper rifle to kill all the Germans in sight. When satisfied move on to the artillery gun (Nebelwerfer) near the two main buildings, use it to take out the tank on the far side of the lake.

After that, move on down the path until you come into the mortar field, quickly make your way to the end and kill the two enemy soldiers shooting mortars at you, after that you can take your time to explore this huge area, like before its too big for detail, so just try not to miss the tank and also don't miss the field surgeons pack.

When you have made your way out of this large area, onto the main road again, you will part ways with Corporal Barnes and the American. Not exactly the saddest moment of your life; anyways move on as far as the last windmill, set the haystack on fire beside it to cause a distraction (Objective 3,) and get ready to kill the guards that rush out after 1 minute. That's it, like I said an easy level.

Mission 2: The Golden Lion[edit]


  • 1: Locate tools and sabotage vehicles
  • 2: Sabotage motor pool to prevent pursuit
  • 3: Meet Operative at Garage
  • 4: Get an officer's uniform
  • 5: Meet contact in golden lion bar


This level is good fun unless your trying to get gold, but nonetheless its generally fun. You start off in a corner not far from the town gates, there is a medical kit beside you, but don't get it, you'll need it in a minute.

Head to the left until you reach a mounted machine gun, use it to take out any attackers and then return to were you started, go out up the on to the main road and kill the rest of the Germans. After you are satisfied that the area is safe, collect all the ammo. Continue down the street until you come to a turn, instead of going right, go left into the small garden, kill the two Germans there and move on the other way. Use your sniper rifle to kill the 4 Germans and one sniper on the far side of the river, after that's done move on and collect their ammo.

After crossing the bridge you should turn left not right as it seems. Make your way through the passage through the wall. You will eventually emerge at the end of a short road were there are a few vehicles, kill the three Germans guarding the area and move through the door in the wall to the left, in there you will find the tools (Objective 1) on a workbench. Go back to the vehicles and sabotage them (Objective 2), you will also find medical kits under the hoods if you open them.

Once finished, move back down as far as the bridge and go the other way that I said skip earlier. Continue through the streets and go down the path open the white garage door. The operative (Objective 3) will be in the truck, he will ask you to clear the area of vehicles, so go ahead and sabotage the vehicles in the area (you can kill the 9 Nazis spraying bullets at you while your there!) Make sure to shoot alarm out before going back to truck.

Once you've got back to the operative, he will tell you to get in the back of the truck, do so. You will them be brought for a little drive to a cathedral, (well it is straight in front of you,) kill the guards in the area and again sabotage all the trucks, when you've collected all the ammo and health in the area, hop back in the truck, and proceed to the next area, you will be driven through a large open area with trees and benches (and a Nazi here and there,) when he stops this time you are required to open a gate, when done you can pick off the dozen or so Nazis in the area and then get back in the truck.

In the next area (will this ever end?) you must not only kill a half dozen Germans, sabotage a couple trucks but also steal the officers uniform (Objective 4) from the back of a truck. After that get back into the operatives truck.

In the next area the truck will crash on a bridge and you must move quickly, there's a panzerserker shooting from across the river, so move quick and kill the 6 total enemies in the area. You can then head on down the street and into the Golden Lion bar.

Once in you must distract the guards, to do this ask the piano player to play an old song, the guards will lighten up and walk off, you can then run up the stairs and into the beer garden. There are three pints of beer on the wall, so go if there was three bottles of beer on the wall and if one was to accidentally fall, there would be two bottles of beer left on the wall, and if one was to accidentally fall, there would be one bottles of beer left on the wall and if it was to fall, two Germans soldiers would start a fight! Head down the stairs and watch the fight for a minute, then say hi! to your contact (Objective 5!)

Mission 3: Operation Rapunzel[edit]


  • 1: Find kitchen key set
  • 2: Search the paintings to find map
  • 3: Destroy clocks to find documents
  • 4: Find keys to cell door
  • 5: Locate Gerritt


Now before you set off, let me warn you - this is definitely one of the harder levels, so be careful! You start in the front garden of a nice big "mansion," and this particular mansion is not packed with playboy "bunnies," it's packed to the brim with Nazi Generals! So to start head to the left of the building and use the side door. Don't lose your disguise until the door is firmly shut. Once it is closed, kill the Nazi behind the desk and search the room for a shotgun (the Nazis will have also dropped a few bullets for the shotgun).

Slowly head up the corridor, eliminating any enemies in the different rooms. Once you're at the end, make a right turn up the stairs, and eliminate all the Germans inside. The keys for the kitchen (Objective 1), are at the far end of the room. Use your new set of keys to open the door back downstairs.

Work your way on down the corridor, once you've read the two Nazis their last rites, until you reach a turn left and a straight ahead. Take the left. As you can see on the map later, it won't make a huge difference. Anyway, clear the area of the four Germans and move on to the kitchen.

In the kitchen you will again encounter the knife throwing chef. Kill him first and then eliminate the other occupants of the room. If you have sustained a few minor injuries, resist the temptation to go back to the earlier room for the two field surgeon kits you (hopefully) left behind for later. Instead you can try some of the lovely pieces of bread in the kitchen; each piece will give you 5% more health.

Once you've finally sorted all that out, move to the next room - the cafeteria. In there are five deadly Germans. Kill them with that nice shotgun of yours and get the grenades on the stage. In the next room you can shoot down the chandeliers as a diversion and then use the grenades to kill the enemies en masse. Continue on to the next room and kill the four Germans (one of which is drunk!). Then search the bar for health.

The next piece is my favorite! Go out into the garden and do a U-Turn, aim up about 60º and use your grenades to kill the endless number of Germans. Once the ringing has left your ears, head up, there to claim a horde of ammunition. Again move down the corridor into the huge room and head to the lower level. At the very far end is a German playing with a panzerschreck. Beside him is a STG44!

Happily move upstairs and to the far end behind the picture in the middle is the map (Objective 2.) Please note that you must wait for the confirmation note on the screen or otherwise the objective may not have been completed. When you're satisfied move on - through the clock rooms, and up the stairs. In the large room (the library) there are 4 or 5 Germans, kill them and move into the next corridor. Don't enter the first room, move to the second, kill the old men and blow the clock to the far left end of the room to bits, then get the documents (Objective 3.) Go back to the other room (the sauna) and move on. You will eventually end up in a room with a women talking to you. There is a grenade set in the room, plus a medical pack.

Continue up the stairs to the bedroom, behind the bookcase is a secret passage. Use it to move to the prisoners room (or at least near it.) There you will meet nine Nazis! Kindly greet them with a dozen bullets each (you can be generous!) Then find the keys to the door (Objective 4, the Nazi commander dropped them.)

Use these keys to open the door to Gerritt (Objective 5). He will be slow to move - he's a bit nervous! Slowly make your way outside and kill another nine Germans. Collect their ammo and kill the two snipers beside the clock. Finally make your way to the end and let Gerritt cut the railing (give him a bit of encouragement!) Now be extremely careful and jump into the hay truck below, not the ground!