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Stars to birds[edit]

On the Stage Select screen, press and hold A button+B button while choosing a Robot Master. When the Robot Master presentation screen appears, the stars in the background will turn into birds.

Pause glitches[edit]

Avoid damage[edit]

Whenever you pause the game by bringing up the weapon select menu, and unpause to return to the game, Mega Man appears to reconfigure himself. For the few short frames that this occurs, Mega Man is actually invulnerable to damage.

Slow falling[edit]

Additionally, when you unpause the game, any momentum that Mega Man had is erased. So if Mega Man was falling, all of his speed will be reset. You can use this trick to extend the length of Mega Man's jump by pausing and unpausing the game while jumping through the air.

Infinite weapon supply[edit]

The following trick only works for weapons which don't reduce their weapon energy meter with a single shot, namely the Quick Boomerang, Metal Blade, and Bubble Lead weapons. Select one of these three weapons, and fire them enough times before they reduce your weapon energy. Then access the weapon menu, and select the same or a different weapon. When you return to the original weapon, the count to reduce your weapon energy will start over, giving you more of that weapon.

  • For Quick Boomerangs, you can only fire 7 before the energy meter is reduced.
  • For Metal Blades, you can only fire 3 before the energy meter is reduced.
  • For Bubble Lead, you can only fire 1 before the energy meter is reduced.

Warp glitches[edit]

Air Man to Wily Fortress 2[edit]

During the battle against Air Man, use Item 1 to create a platform on the far left side. If performed correctly, you will notice that Air Man's tornadoes stop moving when you jump on the platform. If you are standing on the correct position, the entrance to the room will act as though you are trying to escape through the door and push you to the right side of the room. This will warp you to Wily Fortress 2, although the background textures will still be those of Air Man's stage.

Heat Man to Wily Fortress 1[edit]

To accomplish this warp, you must be in battle with Heat Man. Equip the Bubble Lead weapon. During Heat Man's attacks, he tosses three small flames at you. When he releases them, fire off two Bubble Leads quickly. Before the bubbles have a chance to reach Heat Man, jump towards the entrance to the room. You must get hit by Heat Man's flames as you touch the door. If done correctly, the door will only and warp you to the beginning of Wily Fortress 1, although the background textures will still be those of Heat Man's stage. When you first arrive here, you may take damage from something invisible on the screen. After you die and return to the stage, the game will behave normally.