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Title screen and Robot Master selection screen[edit]

When you start up the game, you can choose to play the Normal version of the game, or the Difficult version. In the Difficult version of the game, many enemies have twice as much health, and special weapons do half as much damage against the Robot Masters. In the Japanese version of the game, you are not given this choice, and the only available version of the game corresponds to the Difficult version.

Once the game begins, you are presented with the Robot Master selection screen. To choose which Robot Master you would like to challenge, press the direction pad in any of the eight directions that the desired Robot Master is located. To select a stage, press A button or Start button.

Game flow[edit]

Robot Master select screen

Over the course of the game, Mega Man will fight eight Robot Masters in their own habitat, in an order of his choosing. After defeating all of the Robot Masters, he must launch an assault on Dr. Wily's Skull Fortress, which is broken into six stages.

The first eight stages (Robot Masters) can be attacked in any order:

Bubble Man   Air Man   Quick Man
Heat Man       Wood Man
Metal Man   Flash Man   Crash Man

The trick to choosing which order to tackle them in is understanding that every Robot Master has a particular weakness to another Robot Master's weapon. If you are playing the game for the first time and do not wish to have this strategy spoiled for you, the walkthrough will not reveal a Robot Master's weakness unless you choose to view it. The first time you play, you will not have any idea which robot to start with, and which robot to visit next. The best strategy is to try every weapon available to you when you arrive at the fight with a boss, and make note of the weapons which do the most damage to that boss. Then try playing the game again with the knowledge you've acquired until you determine the most effective order to take on each stage. The Table of Contents lists the robots in alphabetical order rather than a suggested order for fighting them.