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This page will help you understand how to create your own passwords to go as you please through this game.

System explanation[edit]

You can use passwords to access any point in the game up to the moment that you access Wily Fortress 1. There are no passwords that will allow you to continue from any point further along in Wily's Fortress.

There are five rows and five columns used to make up the password screen. The columns are lettered from A to E and the rows are numbered from 1 to 5 making the password screen a 5x5 grid totaling 25 empty spaces. The passwords themselves are input like a coordinates on a map via dots.

There are nine dots used to make up a password - eight dots for each of the eight Robot Masters and one for the number of E-tanks. The eight dots that indicate whether a Robot Master is still alive or defeated can be found on rows 2-5. The top row is used to indicate how many E-Tanks you have.

Place a dot in the following location along row A to indicate the number of E-Tanks in your possession:
A1 : No E-tanks
A2 : One E-tank
A3 : Two E-tanks
A4 : Three E-tanks
A5 : Four E-tanks

You can put a dot into any of the positions on the top row. However, the position of the dot in the top row dictates the meaning of the remaining eight dots. Determine how many E-Tanks you want and then use the corresponding list below to fill in a password. If you just want to begin the game from Wily Fortress 1, fill in all of the correct dot locations as listed under the "Dead" column for the amount of E-Tanks you want.

Password Table[edit]

Name No E-Tanks One E-Tank Two E-Tanks Three E-Tanks Four E-Tanks
Alive Defeated Alive Defeated Alive Defeated Alive Defeated Alive Defeated
Air Man D2 E3 D3 E4 D4 E5 D5 B1 E1 B2
Bubble Man C3 D1 C4 D2 C5 D3 D1 D4 D2 D5
Crash Man E2 C5 E3 D1 E4 D2 E5 D3 B1 D4
Flash Man E4 C1 E5 C2 B1 C3 B2 C4 B3 C5
Heat Man D5 B2 E1 B3 E2 B4 E3 B5 E4 C1
Metal Man E1 E5 E2 B1 E3 B2 E4 B3 E5 B4
Quick Man C4 B4 C5 B5 D1 C1 D2 C2 D3 C3
Wood Man B5 D3 C1 D4 C2 D5 C3 E1 C4 E2


Wood Man, Air Man, Quick Man, Flash Man, and Crash Man defeated with 1 E-Tank
1 2 3 4 5