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For profiles about the main cast (Mega Man, Roll, Dr. Light, Dr. Wily), please see the Mega Man 1 Characters page.

Robot Masters[edit]

Metal Man[edit]

Mega Man 2 artwork Metal Man.jpg

Dr. Wily's first humanoid combat robot. Metal Man has a sensitive gyroscope installed in his body which offers enhanced stability, allowing him to fight unhindered on uneven or unstable terrain. Designed with mobility as the main focus, his body is made of lightweight material. This results in a lower level of durability than some of Wily's other combat robots, and Metal Man therefore prefers to evade attacks rather than endure them. Special attention was also paid to balancing the weight of each of his body parts. His weapon of choice is the Metal Blade, crafted of Ceramic Chitin. Like Cut Man, Metal Man has anti-slip surfaces on his hands so that he can grip his blades more easily.

Air Man[edit]

Mega Man 2 artwork Air Man.jpg

Designed and developed specifically for aerial combat. Air Man's main attack, the Air Shooter, uses highly compressed air to create an artificial tornado. As the pressurized air expands, it creates a shockwave and, as per Bernoulli's Principal, the difference in air pressure within the funnel of the tornado grows steadily. As the shockwaves overlap each other, they further feed the tornado, increasing its intensity. This is the secret behind the Air Shooter's devastating power. With the assistance of his little help robots, Air Man is also able to create a small Typhoon. He is a true warrior who can blast away any enemy that stands in his way.

Bubble Man[edit]

Mega Man 2 artwork Bubble Man.jpg

The world's first underwater combat robot, Bubble Man was designed purely for fighting enemies that appear underwater or on the water's surface. His weapon, the Bubble Lead, alters the electromagnetic field to create a strong hydrogen bond between water molecules, which results in the formation of a large bubble. A bit of sulfuric acid is added to these bubbles, which not only makes them more dangerous, but also result in greater pliancy and even keeps their water content from evaporating as easily as in a normal bubble. Bubble Man is also equipped with a spear gun, which can fire repeatedly and functions well underwater. He is an expert at underwater combat tactics, and has a solid understanding of his strengths as well as his weaknesses.

Quick Man[edit]

Mega Man 2 artwork Quick Man.jpg

As part of his ongoing quest to control time itself, Dr. Wily thought that the first step may be to approach the speed of light. This was the idea upon which Quick Man was designed. By using unique equipment developed by Dr. Wily, Quick Man is able to accelerate time in his immediate proximity, which results in the illusion that Quick Man is moving extremely fast. The theory supporting this equipment has not yet been perfected, however, and Quick Man is only able to accelerate his "time range" to two to four times that of his surroundings. Despite this limitation, Quick Man's acute reasoning and combat skills have extended the time acceleration system's usefulness beyond the initial expectations. The extra hardware attached to his right arm is the Quick Boomerang launcher unit.

Crash Man[edit]

Mega Man 2 artwork Crash Man.jpg

Crash Man was built to be a combat robot who specializes in heavy artillery. His main weapon is the Crash Bomber, which changes shape after being launched from Crash Man's body. Each Crash Bomber extends forward to form a tip which pierces its target. If the Crash Bomber senses a heat source nearby upon impact, it immediately explodes to cause direct damage. If there is no heat source located nearby, however, the Crash Bomber sets itself to explode after a short delay. Though Crash Man's armor was specifically designed to withstand potential detonations in his immediate proximity, he is not impervious to other attacks.

Flash Man[edit]

Mega Man 2 artwork Flash Man.jpg

The speed of light refers to the speed at which light travels. Flash Man's Time Stopper is a system which allows him to control the speed of light, which in effect halts the flow of time for those affected. Though he does not possess any particularly powerful attacks, Flash Man is free to damage his defenseless opponents during the brief period that his Time Stopper is active. The only robot who is affected differently by the Time Stopper is Quick Man, whose system also deals with manipulating the speed of light. In Quick Man's case, the Time Stopper reduces the speed of light to nearly zero, infinitely increasing his mass and thus creating a powerful gravitational field. The result is an effect similar to a black hole, the gravitational force of which then damages Quick Man. As no other robot possesses the ability to manipulate the speed of light, Quick Man is the only one who is affected in this way.

Heat Man[edit]

Mega Man 2 artwork Heat Man.jpg

Heat Man is a combat robot who was developed specifically to surpass Fire Man's damage potential, heat resistance, and general combat abilities. Heat Man's special heat-resistant armor allows him to surround his entire body in flames. He also has some transformation capabilities, which allow him to fly while engulfed in flames. An internal component known as the Atomic Fire grants him the ability to launch flames from the holes in his palms. His Atomic Fire discharger is a pressurized blaster and, upon impact, the porjected flames burst upward in a wall of intense heat. Heat Man uses fire as a source of energy, and as such he is able to absorb any lesser fire attacks to fuel himself.

Wood Man[edit]

Mega Man 2 artwork Wood Man.jpg

Developed for combat in wooded areas, Wood Man was designed with camouflage as a main feature. During combat, Wood Man is able to produce an electromagnetic field which carries his unique leaf-shaped units out into his surrounding area, forming a Leaf Shield. These leaf-shaped units are not actually leaves, but uniquely-shaped pieces of Ceramic Chitin coated with a special substance that makes them impervious to all attacks. Though Wood Man has a high power output level and therefore powerful attacks as well, his movement speed is quite slow. By using the Leaf Shield for both offensive and defensive purposes, Wood Man is able to cover that lack of speed and agility.