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Mega Man 2 portrait Quick Man.png

Along with Heat Man, Quick Man's stage is one of the most challenging levels in the game. As you fall down the long vertical corridors of the stage, you will encounter industrial laser beams which can instantly vaporize Mega Man if they catch him. Players that struggle with these sections can employ Flash Man's Time Stopper weapon for a reprieve, but once you activate it, the Time Stopper will not stop until it runs out of energy, so you must carefully choose when to employ it. However, there are other reasons why you may wish to save its use until the end of the stage...


Mega Man 2 map Quick Man A.png
  • A: Use an Item 1 or Item 3 to grab the extra life that's just waiting for you right when you start the stage. Then fall down to the room below, avoiding the Scworms that pop out of the pit.

  • B: Once you fall below this point, you'll have to navigate through the first gauntlet of laser beams.
    1. From the start, you want to fall as far to the left as possible. Avoid the Springer at the last step of the screen below if possible.

    2. Once you drop below the Springer, start pushing Mega Man back to the right. Without any hesitation, you want to drop Mega Man down the right chute so that he can pick up the extra life and E-Tank waiting for him below. If you fall down the left chute, you'll miss out on both of these bonuses.
Mega Man 2 map Quick Man B.png
  • C: As you run through this corridor, the lights will go out. Your only source of illumination will come from the three enemies that you encounter here: Changkey Makers. Whenever you approach them, the fire they produce will provide enough light to see the layout around you. But you must shoot them and destroy them in order to proceed, which will extinguish that light. You'll have to proceed to the next one in darkness. After destroying the third one, you must run to the right, but it can be difficult to determine when to jump. To help you, keep firing your Mega Buster ahead of you. When the bullets start to fly away faster, that means you're stuck against a wall and you should jump up to proceed.
Mega Man 2 map Quick Man C.png
  • D: It's time for the second and more challenging laser gauntlet. If you're truly having trouble getting through this, you may wish to consider using the Time Stopper weapon, but this walkthrough will guide you through the section as if you don't have it. In general, your goal will be to keep moving, and keep Mega Man as close to the center of the screen as the platforms will allow. To get started, push to the left, and hop over the small platform as quickly as possible until you can fall through the gap below the platform. Then run to the right side of the platform below, and quickly switch back to moving left as you fall off.
  • E: The gauntlet continues:
    1. From this point, push to the right as you land on the two platforms at the top of the screen. Once you fall off the second platform, push back to the left again.

    2. Keep doing so as you fall down through the next screen, ignoring the weapon ammunition capsule on the right.

    3. As you fall down to the next screen, start pushing right again, and drop off the three steps. After the third step, push left again and proceed to the next screen.

    4. You should drop straight down this screen, ignoring the health capsule and extra life, as they are both traps and collecting them will get you killed.

    5. In the next screen, you must zig zag around the platforms, first right then left.

    6. As you fall off the last platform, push right again, drop between the platforms, and run to the left on the bottom to escape the final laser.
Mega Man 2 map Quick Man D.png
  • F: As if the lasers weren't enough, two more obstacles stand between you and Quick Man; two Sniper Armors. If you have enough health, you may wish to consider getting shot by them so that you can run past them while you're invincible. Otherwise, you'll have to shoot them as quickly as possible in order to remove them from your path, and advance to Quick Man.

Quick Man[edit]

Mega Man 2 boss Quick Man.png
Mega Man 2 battle Quick Man.png

Quick Man is not a big fan of standing still and waiting. Instead, he will rapidly move around the room, firing his Quick Boomerang weapon and trying to crash into you. Whenever he jumps or fires his weapon, he dash around the room for a short while, and this is one of the few openings he will give you to attack him. He is vulnerable the whole time, but due to his speed and non-stop movement, attempting to attack him any other time is dangerous. Quick Man is definitely one of the more challenging Robot Masters to defeat with just the Mega Buster. Even when you know his weakness, this is still a difficult battle. After Quick Man is destroyed, you'll get his weapon: the Quick Boomerang.