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In the year of 200X, a super robot named Mega Man was created. Dr. Light created Mega Man to stop the evil desires of Dr. Wily. However, after his defeat, Dr. Wily created eight of his own robots to counter Mega Man...

In December 2008, Dr. Wily had had enough of playing second fiddle to his colleague, Dr. Thomas Light. One evening that month he went into the lab and reprogrammed as many robots that he could get his hands on, making sure to reprogram the Light Labs industrial robots, and left with his new "army" for his new fortress, aptly named Monstropolis. However, Light's lab assistant and housekeeping robots were spared from being reprogrammed because they were encrypted, and Rock had a strong sense of justice and wanted to stop the madman from taking over the world and wanted to get his "brothers" back. As such, Light converted him into the super-robot known as Mega Man and he managed to stop Wily's army and bring him back to justice.

However, just six months later (in 2009), when the world thought that peace had finally returned, Dr. Wily returned with a new army of robots led by eight all-new Robot Masters, bent on taking over the world and defeating Light's prized Mega Man. While Light wanted nothing but peace for Rock, he knew that he had no choice but to send him out to stop his former friend and colleague, so once again, Mega Man was called upon to go after the "mad scientist."

Would he be able to stop him this time, or would Wily's evil ambitions come to light?


Why does the year take place in 200X, which is now the past?
The short answer is because that is the year which Capcom stated in the official story. However, the game was made in 1988, and so the early-21st century (i.e. 2009) was the future to them (21 years from their current time). Moreover, when you look at later games in the series which contain animated sequences (anime), such as Super Adventure Rockman and Mega Man 8, you will find that the technology in Rock's time is not all that "advanced" in comparison with that of the present 21st century. While MM8 takes place circa 2014, they use computers of similar style and their cities are quite the same. The vehicles they drive, for example, are similar, if not the same, in Hong Kong SAR (China). The main difference, one may argue, would be the presence of robots, or sentient beings, but in the present time computer scientists and engineers are and have developed such technology, so it is a developing field.
Does Mega Man 2 really take place in the year 2009?
That is a fairly accurate date, yes. According to Rockman Perfect Memories, Mega Man took place in December of 2008, and this game takes place roughly six months later, therefore sometime in mid-2009. Additionally, this game takes place before Mega Man 3, the first game in the series to be given the "ambiguous" date of 20XX.