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The Dark Knight is mostly a physical damage melee character, using swords, axes and various short range weapons to do damage. Most of his stat points are added to Strength and Agility.

Initial Stats
Strength Agility Vitality Energy Command Health Mana
28 20 25 26 25 90 40
Gains on level increase
Stat Points Per level Health Per level Mana Per level Life Per stat point Mana Per stat point
5 2 0.5 3 1.5

Using Combo Skill[edit]

The Combo Skill is a Blade Knights' exclusive ability. After completing the Gain Hero Status quest, he may use the combo. In order to use it, you must have a weapon with skill.

You need to strike the enemy three times with certain skills, using different attacks for the last two:

  1. Weapons skill
  2. Twisting Slash/Death Stab/Rageful Blow
  3. Twisting Slash/Death Stab/Rageful Blow.

If done properly, a blue shockwave will appear, and the monster would suffer immense damage.


Character skills
  • Twisting Slash
  • Impale (can only be used when riding a mount unit and wielding a spear-type weapon)
  • Greater Fortitude
  • Death Stab
  • Rageful Blow
  • Combo Skill (which is a combination of Twisting Slash, Death Stab, and Rageful Blow, all executed in quick succesion)
  • Raid (which comes with every Dinorant).
Shield skill
  • Defend
Weapon skills
  • Falling Slash
  • Cyclone
  • Stabbing
  • Uppercut
  • Slashing

Defensive Skill[edit]

  • Cost: 30 Mana

This skill is available on some shields. Use results in all damage dealt in the following 2-3 seconds to be halved. The skill may be used constantly, making it harder to hurt the Dark Knight.


  • Cost: 9 Mana

Most commonly found on Axes (may be referred as the Falling Slash skill). The user of this skill jumps, then hit the target from the air. It can be used to hit far enemies (up to two squares away), this skill will often shake the target and will move it.

Cyclone Cutting[edit]

  • Cost: 9 mana

A virtue of the Double Blade and Thunder Sword. The sword is flung left and right at great centrifugal force – cutting monsters in two.


  • Cost: Unknown
  • Requirements: Unknown

Using the Legendary Sword, Gladius or Katana, a fast stabbing offense can be unleashed on your enemy.


A repeated attack on an enemy from the bottom up with a blade.


The use of both blades, Giant Sword or Crystal Sword, to cut at an enemy.

Twisting Slash[edit]

  • Cost: 10 Mana, 10 AG
  • Requirements: Level 80

This ability allows you to throw your weapon 360° around the player, hitting all monsters within range.

Death Stab[edit]

Knights use this stabbing ability with added strength from the elements to deliver a strong decisive blow to all enemies.

Greater Fortitude[edit]

When a knight uses his energy, he can muster his inner strength to raise his vitality giving him the strength to battle tougher foes.

Rageful Blow[edit]

Knights take their weapon in hand and strike it to the ground delivering a massive blow affecting all neighboring enemies.


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Strength Knight[edit]

  • 1000-1200 str
  • 250-300 agi
  • 600-800 stamina
  • 10 Energy (base)
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PVP Knight[edit]

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Str 1200 AGI 300-350 VIT 350 ENE 400