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The Dark Lord is a fabled class and the newest character to arrive on MU. It can be created when your character reaches level 250. A Dark Lord's power is formidable, his spells can score a high amount of damage, and has the ability to control pets. Dark Lords also receive 7 stat points per level, and have the ability to swim faster/run without the need of +5 boots and gloves, like the MG. Dark Lords tend to split in two groups: Strength DL, which focuses on power, and Command DL, which focuses on using pets, leading parties and usually leading a Guild.

Beginning with MU Online Season III, the Dark Lords can evolve to Lord Emperors after completing the three-part quest. They can use all the armors and weapons for Dark Lords. Moreover, there are 3rd Level Wings/Cape (Mantle of Lord) with special options.


The Dark Lord can learn powerful spells from scrolls. These spells are fireburst, critical damage, electric spark, summon, firescream and chaotic dieser. Fireburst is the most commonly used spell due to its range and high damage. A DL also has an innate spell called force, and can wear any scepter equipped with a skill to transform it into the stronger force wave spell. Dark Lords can also use weapon skills normally used by DKs, although some of these weapons are restricted from DL use (Such as the Crystal Sword).



The Dark Lord can use all kind of scepters:

  • Battle
  • Master
  • Great
  • Lord
  • Great Lord
  • Shining
  • Soleil
  • Absolute



The Dark Lord can wear the following sets:

  • Leather
  • Bronze
  • Scale
  • Light Plate
  • Adamantine
  • Dark Steel
  • Dark Master
  • Glorius
  • Sunlight
  • Royal


  • Cape of Lord - Equipped once reached level 180
  • Mantle of Lord (Lord Emperor) - Equipped once reached level 400

These may have additional options such as normal wings but also has special options such as increasing command.


Fenrir, the latest pet added to Mu.

Pets can be used by a Dark Lord. So far there are three different kind of pets. They are similar to Guardian Items, but they have unique abilities, can be leveled and recover their health.

  • Dark Spirit(Raven) - A raven that can directly attack a target, helping the Dark Lord to fight. It has 4 different stances -- Follow, Auto-attack, Attack with Character and Attack Target. It is mounted on the shield slot on the inventory. They can also gain levels and each level requires an extra 15 command points to weild.
  • Dark Horse - A pet that the Dark Lord Rides. It adds huge amount of defense ,damage absorption and the Earthquake skill, which does tremendous damage and knocks back all targets.The Dark Horse also increases moving speed beyond even that of wings. Dark Horses are equipped in the same slot as Guardian items. Dark Horses can be equiped once a Dark Lord reaches level 220. Every level that the horse gains increases its defense and damage absorbsion and increases the level requirement to wield by 2. The Dark Horse does not need any command to equip.
  • Fenrir - A pet similar to the Dark Lord's horse, but it's a large tiger. These creatures can be equipped by every class. The Fenrir's Plasma Storm Attack deals damage and reduces armor durability during PVP.
  • Uniria - A pet that looks like a unicorn and a horse. It is able to be equiped by all classes and increases the movement speed of the character riding it if he/she does not equip wings.


  • Minimum Damage = str/7+ene/14
  • Maximum Damage = str/5+ene/10
  • Attack Speed = agi/10
  • Defence = agi/7
  • PvM defence rate = agi/7
  • PvM attack rate = lvl*5+(agi*5)/2+str/6+cmd/10
  • PvP defence rate = lvl*2+agi*0.5
  • PvP attack rate = lvl*3+agi*4
  • HP = 50+(lvl-1)*1.5+vit*2
  • Mana = 40+(lvl-1)+(ene-15)*1.5
  • Mana regen = mana/27.5
  • SD = (str+agi+vit+ene+cmd)*1.2+Защита/2+(lvl*lvl)/30
  • AG = ene*0.15+vit*0.1+agi*0.2+str*0.3+cmd*0.3
  • AG regen = 1.9+AG/33
  • Skill % = 200+ene/20
  • Increase critical damage skill = cmd/25+ene/30
  • Fireburst minimum damage = 100+str/25+ene/50
  • Fireburst maximum damage = 150+str/25+ene/50



Strength 1500
Agility 300
Vitality rest
Energy 84
Command 25
  1. High Chaotic Diseier damage
  2. High pet damage
  3. AG consumption is moderate
  4. Moderate life
  1. Attack speed is still pretty low
  2. Moderate life rating, but this thread is about monster hunts and pvp.


Strength 500
Agility 158
Vitality 100
Energy 1000+
Command 25
  1. High Fireburst damage
  2. High pet damage
  3. Mana consumption is moderate
  4. Moderate life
  1. Attack speed is still pretty low
  2. Moderate life rating and not good for pvp, but this thread is about monster hunts.