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Pets are a big and important part of Mu Online, they help us, they let us ride them, they even attack for us!

Here there'll be all the pets in the game.

Normal Pets[edit]

These pets drop from monsters, they require level and any class can use them.

Guardian Angel[edit]

  • Generally used by: Elves, Wizards
  • Effect: Increase max HP by 50, Absorb 20% of damage dealt by monsters or players.
  • Requirements: Level 22
  • How to get: Monster drop.


  • Generally used by: Everyone.
  • Effect: Increase moving speed (like running), Increase defense.
  • Requirements: Level 25
  • How to get: Monster drop.


  • Generally used by: Dark Knights, Magic Gladiators.
  • Effect: Increase final damage by 30%, 3 HP damage to user for every hit.
  • Requirements: Level 28
  • How to get: Monster drop.


  • Generally used by: Dark Knights.
  • Effect: Increase final damage by 10%, absorb 10% of damage dealt, increase moving speed (like running), can fly.
  • Skill: Shoot (9 Mana) 2 square range.
  • Requirements: Level 110
  • How to get: Combine 10 Unirias with 255 HP (full) to get a Dino with 70% success rate.

Summoned Pets[edit]

These pets are used by Elves only, they can be summoned after the spell has been learned.

These pets are all monsters that exist in Mu, but are binded to the Elf's will. All summoned pets spells are learned using an Orb.


  • Energy needed to learn: 30
  • How to get: Monster drop.

Stone Golem[edit]

  • Energy needed to learn: 100
  • How to get: Monster drop.


  • Energy required: 90
  • How to get: Monster drop.

Elite Yeti[edit]

  • Energy required: 130
  • How to get: Monster drop.

Dark Knight (Monster)[edit]

  • Energy required: 170
  • How to get: Unknown

Note: This is NOT the class Dark Knight, it is a monster found at dungeon 2/3.


  • Energy needed to learn: 240
  • How to get: Monster drop (elf only)


  • Energy needed to learn: 300
  • How to get: Monster drop (elf only)

Dark Lord Pets[edit]

These pets are available for Dark Lord only.

Dark Raven/Dark Spirit[edit]

This bird is the only pet you do not put on the top left slot in your inventory. It is located on your secondary hand (where the shield is).

  • Requirements: 80 Command.
  • Effects: Can attack
  • Skills:
    • None: the bird flies above you and does nothing.
    • Random Attack: The bird will automatically attack surrounding monsters within range.
    • Attack with Owner: The bird will attack the monsters you attack, if you attack none, bird will remain passive.
    • Attack a specific target: The owner has to select this skill, then right click a target (with ctrl if it's another player), the bird will attack this target.
  • How to make stronger:
    • Bird automatically level up, but can reach to a limited level, based on your Command stat.
    • Increasing Command will make the bird stronger and allow it to level more levels (max level is 50)
  • How to get:
    • Required items: 1 Jewel of Chaos, 1 Jewel of Creation, 2 Jewels of Bless, 2 Jewels of Soul, Dark Raven Spirit (blue bottle)
    • Go to Pet Trainer in lorencia and ask her to release spirit, put all the items.
    • Combine Rate: 60%.

Dark Horse[edit]

  • Requirements: Level 218
  • Effect: Acquire fastest running speed (faster than wings!), Absorb damage, increase all pets range by 2 squares.
  • Skill: Earthquake skill (0 Mana; 15 sec cooldown) attack all surrounding monsters with a strong earthquake.
  • How to make stronger:
    • Just like the bird, it will automatically level up. But, unlike the Dark Raven, The Dark Horse doesn't need Command. The only requirement to use the horse is the character's level. (e.g. In order for you to use a lvl 50 Dark horse, your Dark Lord must be of lvl 319 or higher).
  • How to get: same as bird, only with 5 Jewels of Bless and 5 Jewels of Soul.