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Depending on the playing style chosen by the player, elves may learn different types of skills. All elves may learn the Penetration skill at level 130, independently of the playing style. Agility Elves learn the very damaging Ice Arrow spell, which requires over 600 agility points. Energy Elves are able to learn a number of spells that affect other characters in the party. These are Heal, Greater Defense, and Greater Damage. They are also able to summon monsters to help fight for them. They are able to summon a Goblin, Golem, Assassin, Elite Yeti, Dark Knight (as in monster found in the lost tower), Bali (also called Vali), or a Soldier. Only one monster can be summoned at a time, and when summoning a new monster the previous monster is unsummoned. Bows and crossbows can all come with the Triple-Shot skill. Season II introduces a new skill for Muse Elves (after completing the 150 level quest) called 'Infinity Arrow'. This is a buff that helps the elf not to consume arrows/bolts for a period of time. The skill can't be cast again until the effects are diminished.