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The final boss[edit]

The final fight in the game is against Spacetime Emperor Salamander himself. He can take three different forms. The forms are described below. The solution to defeating the final boss is an unusual one. It has been described in a spoiler window in case you want to figure it out for yourself.

Last boss forms
Form A
Pocket Zaurus Last Boss A.png
Form B
Pocket Zaurus Last Boss B.png
Form C
Pocket Zaurus Last Boss C.png
The initial and most common form of Salamander is as a large two headed dragon that sends lightning bolts forth. He doesn't fly too quickly, but he's faster than you are, and he tends to home in on your location, which can make avoiding him difficult. He flies to the left and to the right, so if you can get behind him, you're usually safe unless he stalls in mid-air and decides to turn around. The lightning bolts can be nullified by your boomerangs. Occasionally, Salamander will break apart into three smaller dragons. These dragons don't fire lightning bolts, and they're not as big, so they are easier to avoid. In fact, you can defeat them by hitting them with two boomerangs for 2000 points each. If you defeat all three, or after a set amount of time has passed, the main larger form will return to the screen. The last form is the most dangerous of all. He becomes enraged and moves directly to your location, pushing you down to the bottom of the screen as it touches you. This form is the most difficult of all to avoid. If you can, try to be at the top of the screen when he engages this mode, and drop to the bottom. It will take the dragon time to catch up to you, and may return to normal before it does.