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The Dream World is a place that is only accessible while you have a Pokemon 'sleeping' in a Pokemon White/Black game that has been synched to the Pokemon Global Link.

There are various things you can do: obtain new Pokemon with their Dream World (Hidden) Ability, get items, grow Berries, transfer any items/Berries to your game, decorate your Dream Home, obtain further decorations for your Dream Home, and unlock/select new C-Gear skins, Pokedex Skins, and Musical Songs (only one can be active each).

Island of Dreams[edit]

Here you can find Items & Berries and play mini-games with various Pokemon to try to befriend and later obtain them in your White/Black game.


Dream Home[edit]

Berry Growing[edit]

Trading Items[edit]

Game Settings[edit]

(C-Gear Skins/Pokedex Skins/Musical Songs)

These are actually changed and (usually) obtained from the main Pokemon Global Link page, but some are obtained via the Dream World.

Dream Points[edit]

As you earn certain amounts of Dream Points, various things will unlock in the Dream World.

Unlockables & Requirements[edit]

900: 3rd Berry Row 2,100: 4th Berry Row 2,500: Windswept Sky (Also requires 4 Badges) 3,600: 5th Berry Row 5,000: Sparkling Sea (Also requires 8 Badges) 7,500: More Pokemon & Items become available in all Dream Island Areas 10,000: Even more Pokemon & Items become available in all Dream Island Areas

Methods to earn Dream Points[edit]

  • 10 Points: Water your friend's Berries
  • 20 Points: Complete mini-games in the Island of Dreams
  • 30 Points: Become Dream Pals with someone
  • 50 Points: Log in to Global Link (once per 24 hours)
    • These may need updated, should they change