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Route 5 is a fairly short route, with not many attractions. There are quite a few street performers on this route, and a forest to the north.

  • Minccino (Lv. 19-22/22-25 in dark grass)
  • Gothita (Lv. 19-22/22-25 in dark grass, Black only)
  • Solosis (Lv. 19-22/22-25 in dark grass, White only)
  • Liepard (Lv. 20-22/23-25 in dark grass)
  • Trubbish (Lv. 19-21/22-24 in dark grass)

Rustling grass:

  • Audino (Lv. 19-22)
  • Emolga (Lv. 20)
  • Cinccino (Lv. 22)
  • Preschoolers Sarah & Billy (Double Battle)
    • Herdier (Lv. 26, Sitrus Berry)
    • Herdier (Lv. 26, Sitrus Berry)
    • Pokebuck.png 416
  • Backpacker Lois
    • Munna (Lv. 23)
    • Pokebuck.png 552
  • Baker Jenn
    • Pansear (Lv. 21)
    • Panpour (Lv. 21)
    • Pansage (Lv. 21)
    • Pokebuck.png 840
  • Harlequin Pail
    • Whirlipede (Lv. 22)
    • Whirlipede (Lv. 22)
    • Pokebuck.png 704
  • Musician Preston
    • Blitzle (Lv. 22)
    • Blitzle (Lv. 22)
    • Pokebuck.png 704
  • Dancer Brian
    • Darumaka (Lv. 22)
    • Darumaka (Lv. 22)
    • Pokebuck.png 704
  • Artist Horton
    • Sigilyph (Lv. 23)
    • Pokebuck.png 1,104
  • Backpacker Michael
    • Palpitoad (Lv. 23)
    • Pokebuck.png 552

Hungry maid[edit]

The maid in the camper wants some edible items and will buy them from you for a high price:

  • Pokebuck.png 20 for common berries like Cheri and Leppa
  • Pokebuck.png 100 for a Sweet Heart
  • Pokebuck.png 200 for a Stick, Fresh Water, Leftovers or Lucky Egg
  • Pokebuck.png 300 for a Soda Pop
  • Pokebuck.png 350 for a Lemonade
  • Pokebuck.png 500 for a TinyMushroom, Honey, Moomoo Milk or uncommon berries like Nanab and Watmel
  • Pokebuck.png 1,500 for a Berry Juice
  • Pokebuck.png 2,000 for a Casteliacone
  • Pokebuck.png 4,000 for a Lava Cookie or Old Gateau
  • Pokebuck.png 5,000 for a Big Mushroom
  • Pokebuck.png 6,000 for a RageCandyBar
  • Pokebuck.png 7,000 for a Shoal Salt
  • Pokebuck.png 10,000 for a Rare Candy
  • Pokebuck.png 25,000 for a Balm Mushroom
  • Pokebuck.png 30,000 for rare berries like Enigma and Custap

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Rival Battle: Cheren[edit]

On Route 5, Cheren will catch up with you, announcing that now he has earned his Bolt Badge, he wants to 'test' your strength like he did on Route 4.

  • PKMN Trainer Cheren
      • Liepard (Lv. 24, Dark) Pursuit, Torment, Fake Out, Fury Swipes
    • If the player chose Snivy:
      • Pansage (Lv. 24, Grass, Miracle Seed) Bite, Seed Bomb, Leech Seed, Fury Swipes
      • Pignite (Lv. 26, Fire/Fighting, Sitrus Berry) Flame Charge, Rollout, Smog, Arm Thrust
    • If the player chose Tepig:
      • Pansear (Lv. 24, Fire, Charcoal) Bite, Yawn, Flame Burst, Fury Swipes
      • Dewott (Lv. 26, Water, Sitrus Berry) Fury Cutter, Razor Shell, Water Pulse, Focus Energy
    • If the player chose Oshawott:
      • Panpour (Lv. 24, Water, Mystic Water) Bite, Scald, Water Sport, Fury Swipes
      • Servine (Lv. 26, Grass, Sitrus Berry) Leaf Tornado, Growth, Leech Seed, Mega Drain
    • Regardless of starter:
      • Tranquill (Lv. 24, Normal/Flying) Air Cutter, Roost, Detect, Quick Attack
    • Pokebuck.png 2,600

After defeating Cheren, Elesa appears, and points the two of you towards the Driftveil Drawbridge. You meet Alder, the Champion, who asks you to battle, and talks about his life. Now, Elesa will call for the bridge to be lowered, and you can follow Cheren across.

Driftveil Drawbridge[edit]

Sometimes the feathers of bird Pokemon that fly across will land on the bridge. These can be used as stat boosters or sold to Marts for Pokebuck.png 1,500. You can also occasionally encounter Ducklett in these shadows. But other than that, there isn't much on this bridge. Head west into Driftveil City!