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Route 2[edit]

Route 2 is a short road that connects Accumula Town with Striaton City. As you walk along this Route, you will be challenged to battles by other Pokémon Trainers wanting to train their Pokémon. As soon as you get on to this Route, your Xtransceiver will start ringing. You will answer and find you mom on the other end and that she is coming to visit you. As soon as you hang up, your mom will appear behind you and tell you that while she was cleaning your room, she found your pair of Running Shoes. These are a useful piece of your trainer kit as by pressing the B Button while walking you will speed up. Now you are finally ready to brave Route 2.

First you will find a Potion in the middle of the first grass. Now move a bit further on and you will be challenged by Youngster Jimmy.

  • Youngster Jimmy
    • Patrat (Lv. 7)
    • Pokebuck.png 112

Far right, there is another trainer.

  • Lass Mali
    • Purrloin (Lv. 7)
    • Pokebuck.png 112

If your Pokémon got injured in the fight with Jimmy or Mali then now is a good time to return to Accumula Town and restore your health at the Pokémon Center.

Now you can move on up through Route 2. Battle Youngster Roland and turn right.

  • Youngster Roland
    • Lillipup (Lv. 7)
    • Pokebuck.png 112

You will find a set of stairs. If you walk up your stairs you should see two Poké balls. If when you visited the musicians house you saw two Poké balls, these are the two the one you saw. One contains a Poké ball while the other contains a second Potion. Now you have everything you can get on Route 2, you can move on to Striaton City.

Be ready for a battle as just before you walk on into Striaton City, Bianca will come running up to you and challenge you to a battle.

Rival: Bianca[edit]

Pokémon Type Level
If you selected Snivy
Water Level 7
Lillipup Normal Level 6

Pokémon Type Level
If you selected Tepig
Grass Level 7
Lillipup Normal Level 6

Pokémon Type Level
If you selected Oshawott
Fire Level 7
Lillipup Normal Level 6

Even using only the starter, will take him to victory. After you defeat her in this battle, carry on heading north of Route 2. Striaton City is just a few steps away and so is the first Pokémon Gym of Unova. If you are not ready to battle the Gym then carry on battling the wild Pokémon on Route 2.

Pokémon Found[edit]

Black White Level
Pokemon 504Patrat.pngPatrat 40% 40% 4-7
Pokemon 506Lillipup.pngLillipup 40% 40% 4-7
Pokemon 509Purrloin.pngPurrloin 20% 20% 4-5
#509 Purrloin
The first Dark type Pokémon available, Purrlion, is distinct from its Normal type neighbors in the early game. Its family focuses on speed, at the expense of defense. In the early game, Purrloin's greatest weakness is a reliance on Normal type moves. These do not give it the "Same Type Attack Bonus," or "STAB," that Lillipup and Patrat have. Its first Dark type move, Pursuit, does not come until level 15, although the TM for Thief comes early enough in the game so that it might also be an option. After evolving at level 20, Liepard starts standing out more. Fake Out is a Normal move that essentially gives it a free hit at the start of a battle. Hone Claws increases both Attack and Accuracy, which works well combined with Fury Swipes, which it learns as a Purrloin. Eventually, Pursuit can be replaced by Assurance and then Night Slash. Learning Slash and Sucker Punch also give it options.