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Box artwork for Rugrats: Search for Reptar.
Box artwork for Rugrats: Search for Reptar.
Rugrats: Search for Reptar
Year released1998
Preceded byRugrats Adventure Game
Followed byThe Rugrats Movie
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
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Rugrats: Search for Reptar is an adventure game, that was developed up by n-Space for THQ, and released for the Sony PlayStation on October 31, 1998; as the name suggests, it is the second title in the Rugrats series and the first with multiplayer capability (up to four people can play simultaneously).


This is taken from the back of the game's box, the front of which is displayed in the image to the right:

A baby's gotta do
what a baby's gotta do.
Oh no! Tommy has lost his
Reptar puzzle pieces.
Join Tommy and the rest
of the Rugrats babies
as they search for the
missing pieces everywhere
from the Pickles'
backyard to outer space.
© Viacom International Inc. 1998

For those of you who have not seen the show, Reptar was the Godzilla-style Tyrannosaurus Rex who the babies idolised, and his catchphrase was "Halt, I am Reptar" (a robotic version of him, which once saved Tommy and Chuckie from a marauding robotic gorilla named "Thorg", also repeated it when he was activated); in the first Rugrats movie, there was also a car resembling him ("The Reptar Mobile").

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