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Box artwork for Rugrats Go Wild.
Rugrats Go Wild
Year released2003
System(s)Windows, Game Boy Advance
Preceded byRugrats: Munchin Land
Followed byAll Grown Up: Express Yourself
ModesSingle player
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Rugrats Go Wild is a platform game, that was released by THQ for the Microsoft Windows operating system and the Game Boy Advance, on May 28, 2003; as the name suggests, it is the fifteenth title in the Rugrats series, and like the film it's based on, it features characters from Klasky-Csupo Inc's third Nickelodeon cartoon, The Wild Thornberries (Eliza Thornberry, Donny the jungle boy, and Darwin the monkey). This was Klasky-Csupo Inc's second crossover in the Rugrats universe as a 1999 segment of the show, "Ghost Story", guest-starred the three main characters of their second cartoon, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters - and Chuckie's actor, Christine Cavanaugh (1963-2014), reprised the voice of Oblina.


This is taken from the back of the game's box, the front of which is displayed in the image to the right:

The Rugrats set sail on the vacation of a lifetime, but end
up washed ashore on a jungle island after a terrible
storm hits! Make your way across unexplored territory
filled with treacherous paths, dangerous animals and
"wild" puzzles to solve. You are the Rugrats' only hope!
© Viacom International Inc. 2003

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