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Stage 37[edit]

Solomon's Key Stage37.gif
Solomon's Key Hidden37.gif

Take out the block to your right, move to the right and put a block under the next brown block. Go left and fall down. Put a block to your right to protect yourself from the wyvern (you may need to do this several times). Then time it to fall down, between the two flames and past the bottom wyvern, ending up at the very bottom of the screen.

Go up the left side. You need to take out the two blocks under the top left flame, and put a block under the secret bell. Then go back down the left side and across the floor to the far right. Go up and across to the left so that you are just above the level of the bottom wyvern and standing on the white block that the bottom wyvern stops at when going right. Drop the two blocks holding the flames around where you are standing.

Put a block below you to the left and stand on it. Quickly put another block to the left and jump up before the wyvern takes out the block you are standing on. Then turnaround and put a block to the right and jump up. Head all the way to the right and up (but drop the next flame as far as possible from below first). Climb up until you are just below the top level of white and brown blocks. By now 4 gargoyles should be walking across the top (2 on each side). Take out the two right-side gargoyles by headbutting the brown blocks when they are standing on them. Time it right so that you don't miss! To be extra safe, take out the block under the window and put a replacement block two levels under the window. Then go left. Similarly take out the two left-side gargoyles and again replace the block under the window with one two spaces down. Then get the key (you can change it to go to 2 secret rooms). You need to circle around to the left again to exit.

Hidden 6[edit]

Solomon's Key StageH6.gif
Solomon's Key HiddenH6.gif

As soon as you appear on the screen you need to jump up and destroy the brown blocks to the left and right. Then fall down to the blocks below. Take out the furtherest brown block to the right that you are able to (between the 2 vertical white blocks under the flame) and also the block just to the left of it. Time it to fall down to the level of the wyvern and then jump up and to the right to the gap between the 2 vertical white blocks under the flame. Make your way right and up to the key and then across to the exit.

Hidden 7[edit]

Solomon's Key StageH7.gif
Solomon's Key HiddenH7.gif

Take out the two blocks above you underneath the two flames. Then head right and take out the bottom of the two vertical blocks. Then head right to get the key. Go up and take out the bottom-most block under the furtherest right flame, and then go left under the big orange flame. Create and destroy a block to make the green jar (time bonus) appear. Go back right and fall down under the big orange flame. Destroy the block you land on and fall to the bottom of the screen.

Go left and up until you are 2 spaces below the flame which is 2 spaces to the right and 3 below the exit. Take out the block directly above. Go back right and fall down to the level of the 2 horizontal flames. Go right (dropping the flames in your way to the bottom of the screen) and get the green jar. As you jump up to get the green jar, destroy the blcok to your left (which a flame is resting on) and then put a block back in its place. When you are past the second flame drop to the bottom and make your way right and up again. Go under the big flame, destroy the block it is resting on, and make your way right and up to the top of the screen. Go left.

About halfway across the top, destroy one of the two horizontal brown blocks beside each other and go down and across to the left. When you get to the flame 4 blocks to the right and two block below the exit you will need to drop it, cast a spell on it to reduce its height, and then jump over it and up and left to the gap on the left. Go left until you are standing almost underneath the flame next to the exit. Take out the two blocks directlty under that flame. Go back right. Now you need to make a difficult jump over the first flame you meet (reducing its height first). This is a very difficult manouever.

Then go back right and up to the top level and head left to the exit.

Stage 38[edit]

Solomon's Key Stage38.gif
Solomon's Key Hidden38.gif

Stage 39[edit]

Solomon's Key Stage39.gif
Solomon's Key Hidden39.gif

This is a "get out of here as fast as you can" level. Earth Mages are dangerous.

Immediately jump down and right to the next brown block, then down and right to the next and then down and right to the next one. Then make your way up and right to the key. You should be able to get the the block below the key before the Earth Mages can get to you. Then jump up and get the key. Now head right and up to the exit as fast as you can (the Earth Mages should have cleared the blocks with flames on them that are in your path).

No specific way to complete this level, just get out as fast as you can anyway you can.

Stage 40[edit]

Solomon's Key Stage40.gif
Solomon's Key Hidden40.gif

Stage 41[edit]

Solomon's Key Stage41.gif
Solomon's Key Hidden41.gif

Stage 42[edit]

Solomon's Key Stage42.gif
Solomon's Key Hidden42.gif

Quickly run to the left and put a block on the ground under the far left white block which the second goblin up from the bottom is walking along. Then get up on it. Facing left, move to the far left of that block and place another block two blocks along and one up. Then jump up onto it, referred to hereafter as a "bat jump". Go left and do another "bat jump". Go left and do a third "bat jump". Now do a "bat jump" to the right. And then do another "bat jump" back to the left. You should now be standing on the far left of the screen, one level below the white blocks that the top goblin (on the left side) is walking on.

Time it to jump up and put a block on the left side of those white blocks (watching out for salamanders), so that the goblin walks on it. Then remove that block to drop the goblin and kill him. Now watch the timing of the salamanders. There should be two salamanders coming out of the mirrors around the same time, then a small break and then the next two come out. The small break is not that easy to detect.

Once the small gap is happening, build a block to your right and jump up. The salamanders will already be coming out by now. Try to be standing on the white block, then jump up and fireball them. Assuming that you have a super fireball, use it while jumping up and the fireball will kill the salamanders and also continue along to kill the two goblins that are walking around the white blocks by the key. If you have single fireballs it is a lot harder as you have to use multiple fireballs to kill the salamanders and goblins. Hurry and get to where the lower goblin was walking. Then time it (to avoid the salamanders) to build up to the next level of white blocks where the other goblin was walking. Get the key, secret bell, the sphinx bonues and extra life and get out.

Stage 43[edit]

Solomon's Key Stage43.gif
Solomon's Key Hidden43.gif

This seems to be an incredibly hard level, and the probability of losing at least one life (and probably more) is high.

Head to the right and drop down onto the key, thereby sacrificing one life to get the key. On the next life go right again but cross the drop where the key was and drop down the next one. Keep going right and dropping down until you stand next to the middle "bat" symbol on the right-hand side and underneath the block with the flame on it. Then face left, drop down, drop the flame and replace the block going across until you stand on the next white block. Drop the next brown block in the floor to your left.

You are then left with the only "tricky" part of this level -- jumping down, removing the brown block on the left as you fall and entering that space at the same time. Then it's easy to get to the exit. All for the loss of just one life (assuming you make the "tricky" manoeuver first time round).

If you are a purist and want to try to complete the level without sacrificing a life, you would need to start by quickly heading down, taking out the block under the window to protect yourself against monsters coming out, and then heading right (jumping over the flame -- which in itself does not seem that easy) until you stand to the right of the "bat" symbol very close to the key. You would then need to drop the flame (you can't put another block in its place) and make a very difficult jump up to get the key and then back to where you originally stood. Or else you could jump up to get the key and proceed directly to the other side (where you'd need to take out the block and enter that space in the one move). But then you'd need to make the jump back? Or you could jump up and get the key and fall down a bit before entering the next passage to the right (where you'd need to take out the block and enter that space in the one move). You then proceed to the exit based on the sacrifice method above (which includes the "tricky" part).

The only problem with the purist method is that the jump up to get the key is very hard to do. If you miss the key you can't get back up to the key and so you must lose a life and then try again.

Stage 44[edit]

Solomon's Key Stage44.gif

Wait for the slime to come to you. Then run past it and into the passage leading to the ghost. Put a block behind you to seal the passage and slow down the slime if it should choose to follow you. Drop down so that you are to the right of the flame.

Cast a spell on the flame to reduce its height. Time it to jump over the flame the moment the ghost hits the right-hand wall and starts to go left. Take out the block in the floor and time it to jump down when the goblin below is on the brown block. You can quickly take out that brown block to kill the goblin.

Drop down and remove the next brown block. Time it to fall down when the spark ball is going down and the green dragon is moving away to the right. Once on the ground, jump up to destroy the brown block and send the spark ball away. Stand just to the left of where the nuel is going up and down. Hopefully you have super fireballs!

Time it so that you fireball the nuel, which should then continue on to kill the green dragon, panel monster, spark ball and gargoyle. Sometimes the Earth Mage comes down from the central room, so make sure you get him if he does. Then run like crazy right and up and then left to get to the book. Slimes will come out of the right-hand mirror so be quick (or use more fireballs). Get the fairy if you have time. Cast a spell on the book to complete your quest!

If you don't have super fireballs it will be harder as you will have to avoid what monsters you can and destroy single monsters only where necessary. If you have single fireballs, try and save one for the Earth Mage or slimes as they are the ones that specifically target you and follow you.

If you have no fireballs, then try to avoid the monsters.