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This page lists all named physical and special attacks used by enemies. It does not include your party's attacks, neither does it include attacks which are in the game but not used by any enemy.

Physical attacks[edit]

Name Multiplier Status ailment Blockable?
Doom Reverb ×0 Silence No
Elegy ×0 Silence No
Flutter Hush ×0 Silence No
[Crusty's Light Beam] ×0 Silence No
G'night ×0 Sleep No
Lulla-Bye ×0 Sleep No
[Grate Guy & Star Cruster's Light Beam] ×0 Sleep No
Pollen Nap ×0 Sleep No
Sleep-Sauce ×0 Sleep No
Somnus Waltz ×0 Sleep No
Stench ×0 Poison No
Venom Drool ×0 Poison No
Viro Plasm ×0 Poison No
Endobubble ×0 Fear No
Howl ×0 Fear No
Iron Maiden ×0 Fear No
Psycho Plasm ×0 Fear No
Scream ×0 Fear No
Mush Funk ×0 Mushroom No
Spore Chimes ×0 Mushroom No
Sporocyst ×0 Mushroom No
Eerie Jig ×0 Scarecrow No
S'crow Bell ×0 Scarecrow No
S'crow Dust ×0 Scarecrow No
S'crow Fangs ×0 Scarecrow No
S'crow Funk ×0 Scarecrow No
Blazer ×0 Instant Death No
Fear Roulette ×0 Instant Death No
Magnum ×0 Instant Death No
Migraine ×0 Instant Death Yes
Psyche! ×0 Instant Death Yes
Scythe ×0 Instant Death Yes
Shaker ×0 Instant Death Yes
Silver Bullet ×0 Instant Death No
Vigor Up! ×0 Attack Up n/a
Get Tough ×0 Defense Up n/a
Valor Up ×0 Defense Up n/a
Backfire ×1 Yes
Jinxed ×1 Yes
[Bomb Throw] ×1.5 No
[Bone Throw] ×1.5 Yes
[Bubble] ×1.5 Yes
Dark Claw ×1.5 Poison No
Echofinder ×1.5 Silence No
[Egg Shot] ×1.5 No
Fangs ×1.5 Yes
Fun & Run ×1.5 Yes
Gunk Ball ×1.5 Silence No
[Hammer Throw] ×1.5 Yes
Ink Blast ×1.5 Yes
[Knife Throw] ×1.5 Yes
Multistrike ×1.5 Yes
Poison ×1.5 Poison No
Skewer ×1.5 Yes
[Spike Attack] ×1.5 Yes
Thornet ×1.5 Poison No
Triple Kick ×1.5 Yes
Va Va Voom ×1.5 Yes
Body Slam ×2 Yes
[Reacher's Bone Throw] ×2 Yes
Carni-Kiss ×2 ?
Chomp ×2 Yes
Claw ×2 Yes
Deathsickle ×2 Fear No
Full House ×2 Yes
Funguspike ×2 Mushroom No
Grinder ×2 Yes
[Poundette's Hammer Throw] ×2 Fear Yes
Hammer Time ×2 Yes
[Light Orb] ×2 Yes
Pierce ×2 Yes
Quicksilver ×2 Yes
Spritz Bomb ×2 No
Terrapunch ×2 Yes
Bombs Away ×4 Yes
Last Shot! ×4 Yes
Loco Express ×4 No
Wild Card ×4 Yes

"Blockable" refers to the ability to reduce the damage of an attack by timing the defense. If a name is in brackets, this means that the attack does not have a name shown in the game.

Special attacks[edit]

Name Target Power Status ailment Weak special attack?
Shredder all 0 n/a
Drain one 4 Yes
Flame Wall all 8 Yes
Lightning Orb one 8 Yes
Flame one 12 Yes
Static E! all 12 Yes
Sand Storm all 16 Fear No
Bolt one 20 Yes
Blizzard all 22 Yes
Crystal one 25 Yes
Drain Beam all 26 No
Meteor Blast all 30 No
Weird Mushroom ally 30 n/a
Flame Stone one 32 Yes
Light Beam all 34 Sleep No
Water Blast all 39 No
Arrow Rain all 40 No
Mega Drain one 40 Yes
Petal Blast all 40 Mushroom No
Solidify all 47 Yes
Willy Wisp one 48 No
Aurora Flash all 50 Sleep No
Recover ally 50 n/a
Sledge all 50 No
Diamond Saw one 60 No
Spear Rain all 60 No
Boulder all 72 No
Electroshock one 72 Yes
Breaker Beam all 80 No
Sword Rain all 80 No
Corona all 88 Yes
Blast one 89 No
Big Bang all 100 No
Meteor Swarm all 100 No
Storm one 108 No
Ice Rock one 130 Yes
Dark Star one 160 No
Mega Recover ally 200 n/a

The damage caused by weak special attacks is halved by the Amulet accessory. The Super Suit, Lazy Shell and Safety Ring provide complete immunity to weak special attacks.

Shredder does no damage, but removes any attack and defense bonuses from your party caused by Geno Boost, Crystalline, the Ghost Medal accessory and such.