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When you level-up, you will be given the option of boosting your attack/defense, HP, or magic. One of the three will give you a larger boost than normal. How do you know which one to pick?

The answer is fairly simple. Divide your new level by 3 and take the remainder. If the remainder is zero, you'll get the biggest boost by choosing "attack". If the remainder is one, you'll get the biggest boost by choosing "HP". If it is two, you'll get the biggest boost by choosing "magic". This establishes this pattern:

  • Level 2 (remainder 2): Magic
  • Level 3 (remainder 0): Attack
  • Level 4 (remainder 1): HP
  • Level 5 (remainder 2): Magic
  • Level 6 (remainder 0): Attack
  • Level 7 (remainder 1): HP
  • Level 8 (remainder 2): Magic

And so on: Magic, Attack, HP, cycling over and over. You can also remember which one you chose last for that particular character (if it was the correct one) and simply choose the one over to its right. For instance, if you chose HP last, then you should choose "magic". If you don't remember what you chose last, well, now you know how to figure out what to choose. :)

If you're not sure and you can't do the math in your head, you can simply look at each attribute. Go to "attack", press A Button to see how much it gets boosted. If it doesn't look like a big boost (only one point), press B Button to cancel and choose "HP", and so on.

Of course, you don't have to follow this pattern, but it will likely lead to the best results.

Experience table[edit]

Experience in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is fairly simplistic. Enemies start off giving one experience per kill, so the overall grind isn't very long. High levels aren't necessary to completing the game, but if you want to figure out the best way to level, you should optimize your tactics based on your character levels, play style, and amount of experience gained per level. The following table displays the required Experience Level to get to the desired Level.

Level Experience Level Bonus
1 0 -
2 16 Magic
3 48 Attack
4 84 HP
5 130 Magic
6 200 Attack
7 290 HP
8 402 Magic
9 538 Attack
10 700 HP
11 890 Magic
12 1,110 Attack
13 1,360 HP
14 1,640 Magic
15 1,950 Attack
Level Experience Level Bonus
16 2,290 HP
17 2,660 Magic
18 3,060 Attack
19 3,490 HP
20 3,950 Magic
21 4,440 Attack
22 4,960 HP
23 5,510 Magic
24 6,088 Attack
25 6,692 HP
26 7,320 Magic
27 7,968 Attack
28 8,634 HP
29 9,315 Magic
30 9,999 Attack