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For more details on secret items, see Equipment and Items.

Menu screen hints, tips and tricks[edit]

Only available on the Japanese version.

In game, press X Button to open the menu, then enter the following: Down Dpad, Up Dpad, Right Dpad, Left Dpad, Select Button, Start Button, Select Button, Start Button. You will see Toad appear with messages.

8-bit Mario[edit]

At only one point in the game, in Booster Tower, you will turn into 8-bit Mario. You'll be able to walk around the room like normal, but with a different sprite. The room in which this takes place is the one with the switch that opens the passage in Booster Pass; there is a large curtain near the exit. Go to the right side of the curtain and walk through it to the left. As you come out, you will be transformed. If you try to leave either exit while changed, Mario will jump in shock and go back to the curtain to return to normal.

Nintendo character appearances[edit]

F-Zero and Star Fox

Look at the northeast corner of Hinopio's shop in Barrel Volcano. On top of some boxes, you'll find the Arwing from Star Fox at the left. For F-Zero, you'll find Captain Falcon's Blue Falcon at the middle and Samurai Goroh's Fire Stingray at the right.


Just after you get the second Star Piece (the green one) from fighting with Bowyer, head back to Rose Town and into the Inn where you first saw Geno. Rest at the Inn, and when you wake up Link will be sleeping in the bed next to you. If you try talking to him, a recognizable sound will play. Link will disappear only if you leave the town, but if you take another nap, he will be there until you get the third Star Piece.


There are two Samus references:

  1. After you get the fifth Star Piece, head back to Mushroom Kingdom's castle. Head into the guest room and you'll see Samus sleeping in the bed. If you interact with her, she says she's resting for Mother Brain.
  2. At the top of Booster Tower, look with the box where Booster and his Snifits are talking and you'll see a Samus doll.

Fast and easy leveling method[edit]

Find a Starman power-up chest (check the guide, save a lot, or play through the game twice) near a Save Point. Save the game, grab the power-up, kill as many groups of enemies as you can, then get into combat and die. You retain your any experience you gained and the Starman will be back in the box.

Geno's 9999 damage attack[edit]

Using Geno's "Geno Whirl" attack, you can deal 9999 damage to a variety of enemies (primarily bosses are immune to this timing). Use Geno Whirl and use a timed attack (press Y Button) right before the wind animation leaves the screen. You'll notice a cracking sound similar to Mallow's Thunderbolt timed attack.

Infinite Money[edit]

In Rose Way, use the coin filled chests at the last section (with the Shy Guys standing on top of each and the Crooks running around). Even if you empty them, they will refill if you exit and reenter. You can collect up to 25 coins with each run.

Kero Sewers shortcut[edit]

Go to Kero Sewers and continue through the point where there's a save point and an inaccessible pipe at the top (right before reaching Belome). Wait until a Boo comes there, then jump so you engage in battle in mid-air. Run from the battle, then quickly jump up and you should be able to reach the pipe. If you go down there you'll reach a cavern in Land's End, but a Shy Away tells you right away that you can't continue here. You can now fool around, or attempt to battle the Shy Away which will likely kill you at this point in the game.

Nimbus Land inn[edit]

In the Nimbus Land inn, you can optionally use the Dream Cushion to get some dreams while you are sleeping. Every once in a while, the dream will be about Toad telling Mario that he is actually a monster. As Mario wakes up and notices Toad beside him, he gets all shocked and runs to hide in the corner. Toad then gives you a Red Essence.