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Street Puzzle Mode is only available on the PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Windows, and Game Boy Advance versions of the game. Complete it to unlock the "Goodies" option in the main menu, and various items that it contains, as well as a new mode and special codes to easily access hidden characters.

The new mode is Master Arcade mode. In Master Arcade mode, you are never on defense. You will receive and send the full amount of Counter Blocks, and you will not be able to cut down that number by destroying blocks while you are about to receive Counter Blocks.


Vs. Unlock
Sakura Special Color 2 of Sakura.
Ken Music Collection of Ken.
Donovan Special Color 1 of Donovan.
Akuma Code for the hidden character Akuma.
Chun-Li Special Color 1 of Chun-Li.
Ryu Master Arcade Mode.


Vs. Unlock
Felicia Voice collection of Felicia.
Donovan Music collection of Donovon.
Ken Sepcial Color 2 of Ken.
Hsien-Ko Special win icon of Hsien-Ko.
Sakura Special Color 1 of Sakura.
Chun-Li Illustration Collection.


Vs. Unlock
Chun-Li Special Color 2 of Chun-Li.
Felicia Special win icon of Felicia.
Sakura Sakura's Song, "I Want You To Know".
Morrigan Special Color 1 of Morrigan.
Ryu Voice collection of Ryu.
Hsien-Ko Music collection of Hsien-Ko.


Vs. Unlock
Ryu Special win icon of Ryu.
Hsien-Ko Special Color 1 of Hsien-Ko.
Morrigan Special win icon of Morrigan.
Donovan Voice collection of Donovan.
Felicia Special Color 1 of Felicia.
Sakura Voice collection of Sakura.


Vs. Unlock
Ken Special win icon of Ken.
Devilot Code for the hidden character Devilot.
Ryu Music Collection of Ryu.
Felicia Special Color 2 of Felicia.
Chun-Li Voice collection of Chun-Li.
Morrigan Voice collection of Morrigan.


Vs. Unlock
Hsien-Ko S.E. Collection
Chun-Li Special win icon of Chun-Li.
Sakura Music collection of Sakura.
Donovan Special win icon of Donovan.
Morrigan Special Color 2 of Morrigan.
Felicia Music collection of Felicia.


Vs. Unlock
Donovan Special Color 2 of Donovan.
Sakura Special win icon of Sakura.
Hsien-Ko Voice collection of Hsien-Ko.
Ken Special Color 1 of Ken.
Dan Code for the hidden character Dan.
Ryu Special Color 2 of Ryu.


Vs. Unlock
Felicia Intermission Demo Collection.
Morrigan Music collection of Morrigan.
Hsien-Ko Special Color 2 of Hsien-Ko.
Chun-Li Music collection of Chun-Li.
Ryu Special Color 1 of Ryu.
Ken Voice collection of Ken.