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Balls are found in the Eastern Palace. They simply roll down a hallway. Unstoppable, no one knows where they come from, or where they go. Normally small balls will roll down the right or left side of a hallway, but occasionally, a gigantic ball will roll down the entire width of the hallway.


Bumpers are strange devices that repel anyone who touches them. Making contact with a Bumper will repel you with great force. There's only one strange quirk to Bumpers: they can only repel things that are visible. Donning the Magic Cape renders its wearer invisible, and therefore, impervious to the effects of the Bumper.


When Agahnim came into power, he knew that the Faeries would attempt to help whoever might try to stop him, so he cast a spell that few small fairies could resist. He turned them into the evil equivalent of fairies, known as Antifairies. Antifairies bounce mindlessly around whatever room they are placed in. Every time they touch someone, they drain not only their health, but their magical power as well. The only item capable of breaking this horrible spell is the witch's Magic Powder. A sprinkle of that magical dust will undo the damage caused by Agahnim's spell and restore a fairy back to its original form. An advanced player is grateful to find an Antifairy when situations look grim.

Bunny Beam[edit]

Bunny Beams are pockets of magic gone horribly wrong. They are sensitive to the magical effects of the Moon Pearl. If it senses the Moon Pearl in the vicinity, it will hungrily chase after any being that possesses it. If it makes contact, the effects of the Moon Pearl are temporarily disabled, and the bearer must suffer the fate of taking an altered shape until the Moon Pearl restores itself. Bunny Beams are very unstable, and merely colliding with a solid object is enough to unbind its energy. However, they can also be transformed into fairies before they start to move, with the same method of sprinkling Magic Powder.


Some dungeons are equipped with cannons that run along tracks mounted to a wall. They typically come in pairs, situated on opposite walls from each other. They appear to have an endless supply of cannonballs which they fire across the room at a constant rate.

Fire Bars[edit]

Fire Bars are globes of flame magically arranged in a chain. They swing together around a focus point, usually a block but not always. Nothing will stop them, and your only defense against them is the Magic Cape or Cane of Byrna.

Fire Traps[edit]

Fire Traps are odd devices that look like a box with openings on the sides. Fire Traps are keyed into aggression. Whenever someone swings a sword, they will fire a burst of energy in particular directions. The more you swing your sword, the more they fire.

Floor Tiles[edit]

In some rooms of a dungeon, the very floor tiles of a room may be enchanted. The spell must be cast on 22 specific tiles in the room, in a very special order or it will not succeed. Therefore, every time you encounter one of these rooms, the tiles will rise off the floor and rocket at your head in a very specific order. They move quickly, but not so fast that you can't destroy them with a well timed swing of your sword.

Snake Medusa[edit]

Snake Medusas shoot small bursts of energy from their mouth periodically in whatever direction Link happens to be at. Link can block the bursts with at least a Red Shield, or simply get out of their way. Some torches have the same properties as these enchanted stones.


A Beamos is an ancient Hylian magical construct that was used to guard Palace entrances and treasures. It contains an eye that rotates around the base in a full circle looking for intruders. Whenever it finds one, the eye stops and fires a beam at the intruder before continuing its rotation, looking for further intruders. The only way to avoid detection is to stay on the opposite side of the eye at all times.

Blade Traps[edit]

Blade Traps remain stationary until someone enters their attack range. Then they are triggered to fly very quickly at whoever unwittingly tripped them. Small traps are in abundance throughout dungeons and caves, while only a few extremely large spike traps are known to exist. Because of their size, Blade Traps take a longer time to reset to their original position before they can strike again. Take advantage of their slow return.

Wall Eye[edit]

Wall eyes are enchanted images that are painted on some of the walls of dungeons in the Death Mountain of the Dark World. Some eyes are compelled to fire at whenever someone is looking at them while others are only compelled to fire when they see that someone is not looking at them. In order to avoid the beams they emit, you must figure out which type of eye you're looking at. If an eye fires at you when you look at it, power up your sword while facing away from them and walk towards them. If an eye fires at you when you don't look at it, power up your sword so that your shield arm is directed towards the eye.


Like fire bars, Winders are enchanted fire globes. A Winder wanders aimlessly throughout a room, turning at right angles, or doing an about-face whenever it strikes a wall. Also like fire bars, they can't be stopped, and only the Magic Cape or Cane of Byrna will afford you any protection against them.