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Link's Little Helpers[edit]

Faeries are among the oldest beings known to Hylians and for as long as anyone can remember, they have always helped those in need. You will find that Faeries and Fairy Springs are abundant in the Land of Hyrule. It's very important to know all of the locations where Faeries appear.

Small Fairies[edit]

Zelda ALttP small fairy.gif

Small Fairies float around the land of Hyrule and usually occupy springs in groups. They restore up to a maximum of seven lost hearts, and can be captured by a net, and stored in a bottle for future use. If you die in the middle of battle, and you have a fairy in a bottle, the fairy will release itself, and bring you back to life before flying away.


Zelda ALttP Faerie.gif

Larger human-sized Faeries occupy fixed locations in certain springs throughout Hyrule. They will completely restore your health, but you must come to visit them in order to receive this benefit. Faries are devoted to local Faerie queens who will also aid you in your quest.

Light World Faerie locations[edit]

Zelda ALttP Fairy LW1.png
Type: Faerie
Location: South West of the Eastern Palace
Description:There is a cave just to the east of the gateway to the eastern region. Enter the cave to find a Faerie Spring.
Zelda ALttP Fairy LW2.png
Type: fairies
Location: South of the Eastern Palace
Description:There is a cave entrance near the fenced in Warp Location south of the palace. Enter the cave and follow the corridor to find four small fairies in a shallow pond.
Zelda ALttP Fairy LW3.png
Type: Faerie
Location: South East of Link's House
Description:There is a boulder in the north east corner of The Great Swamp covering the entrance to a Faerie Spring. Bomb the rock to gain entrance.
Zelda ALttP Fairy LW4.png
Type: fairies
Location: North West of Link's House
Description:Amongst a group of oak trees is a pile of rocks into which you can dash. The rock pile covers the entrance to a cave where four fairies reside.
Zelda ALttP Fairy LW5.png
Type: Faerie
Location: East of the Desert Palace
Description:Enter the cave entrance to the west of the silent man sitting by a sign. It's wise to visit this Faerie before tackling the mysteries of the Desert Palace.
Zelda ALttP Fairy LW6.png
Type: fairies
Location: Fountain of Happiness
Description:If you place a Bomb near the darkened wall to the right of the Faerie statue, you will uncover a small room holding four small fairies.
Zelda ALttP Fairy LW7.png
Type: fairies
Location: North East of Lake Hylia
Description:Enter the frozen cave to the far northeast of Lake Hylia to find a spring with two small fairies floating about. This is also the home of a magical Good Bee.
Zelda ALttP Fairy LW8.png
Type: Faerie
Location: North East of Hyrule Castle
Description:There is a single bush growing within a small patch of grass in this area. Cut the bush, and drop down the hole to find a Faerie Spring.
Zelda ALttP Fairy LW9.png
Type: fairies
Location: East of The Lost Woods
Description:After facing off with Agahnim, dash into the Strange Tree and drop down the hollow stump to find four small fairies hovering about a small sunken pond in the cave.

Dark World Faerie locations[edit]

Zelda ALttP Fairy DW1.png
Type: Faerie
Location: South West of the Dark Palace
Description:This Faerie location is in exactly the same place as it is in the Light World. It's just to the east of the gateway to the eastern region.
Zelda ALttP Fairy DW2.png
Type: fairies
Location: North West of the Bomb Shop
Description:This Dark World Faerie location is also in the same place as its Light World counterpart. Dash into the pile of rocks to uncover the entrance to a cave containing a Faerie spring.
Zelda ALttP Fairy DW3.png
Type: Faerie
Location: North East of Ice Lake
Description:In the same location where Link found the Ice Rod in the Light World, you will find a Faerie Spring in the Dark World. Remember to check all item locations in both Worlds.
Zelda ALttP Fairy DW4.png
Type: Faerie
Location: East Misery Maze entrance
Description:There are three "mouth" entrances to the Misery Maze. The east entrance is the door to a Faerie Spring. Visit here and fill up your Heart supply before entering the main entrance to Misery Maze.
Zelda ALttP Fairy DW5.png
Type: Faerie
Location: South West corner of Western Death Mountain
Description:In a region full of powerful enemies and falling boulders, this is one Faerie Spring location that you can't afford to be unaware of. Visit the Spring whenever life on Death Mountain gets too harsh.
Zelda ALttP Fairy DW6.png
Type: Faerie & fairies
Location: North portion of Eastern Death Mountain
Description:There is a location at the top of the east portion of Death Mountain where you can find both a large Faerie, and a group of smaller fairies. In order to find it, you must lift up a rock, and navigate over an invisible bridge before bombing several walls to reveal their locations.

Dungeon Faerie locations[edit]

Zelda ALttP Fairy DNG1.png
Type: fairies
Location: Eastern Palace
Description:Before proceeding through the door which requires the Big Key, walk to the right or left of the door and hop off the platform into one of the jars. You will fall down to the next level and find small fairies floating about. Gather them all up before stepping on the Warp Tile to exit the room.
Zelda ALttP Fairy DNG2.png
Type: fairies
Location: Desert Palace
Description:Before leaving the west exit of the Desert Palace, visit the fairies in the room just to the north of the room with the Sentry Statue. Push a block in the row of blocks on the left side of the room and the shutter door will open.
Zelda ALttP Fairy DNG3.png
Type: fairies
Location: Tower of Hera
Description:On the fifth floor of the Tower of Hera, there are some openings in the floor. If you drop through on of these opening, you will fall all the way to the lowest floor of the Tower. There, you will encounter heart-restoring fairies. This is a great place to catch a small fairy and put it into a Bottle for later use.
Zelda ALttP Fairy DNG4.png
Type: fairies
Location: Dark Palace
Description:In the same room where you find the Map, there are cracked wall on the left and right. Place a Bomb in front of the crack on the right wall. Proceed through the hole to find a room full of small fairies.
Zelda ALttP Fairy DNG5.png
Type: fairies
Location: Ice Island
Description:Once you have found the Crystal Switch in Ice Island, and have lowered the blue Crystal Switch fences, you can drop through a hole in the icy floor and then fall through a jar down into a room where fairies live.
Zelda ALttP Fairy DNG6.png
Type: fairies
Location: Turtle Rock
Description:There is a room with spikes on the floor in Turtle Rock. Floor tiles will rise up and fly at you in this room. After 22 tiles have flown, a door at the north end of the room will open. Enter this room to find a single small fairy.
Zelda ALttP Fairy DNG7.png
Type: fairies
Location: Ganon's Tower
Description:After the rematch between you and the Armos Knights, and you collect the Big Key, you return to a room with a stairwell that leads you back to the floor above. Before you take the stairs, bomb the north wall to find four small fairies trapped on the other side.
Zelda ALttP bounce back.png
Type: fairies
Location: Ganon's Tower
Description:At the end of a long bridge, you'll see a cracked wall, but there is a gap which you must cross. Face away from the cracked wall and Dash into the barrier above you. The collision will bounce you across the gap. Bomb through the wall and enter the room.