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Icon Name Location Description
Fighter's Sword Secret Passage This sword deals a terribly low amount of damage, so you'll need to upgrade to face tougher enemies.
Master Sword The Lost Woods The sacred blade of legend.
Tempered Sword Kakariko Village Red and deadly. The twin smiths will be glad to renew your sword for you... but only when they're both around to do it.
Golden Sword Pyramid of Power This sacred blade deals a good amount of damage, and is the only way to break through certain barriers. You can't face Ganon without it.


Icon Name Location Description
Small Shield Secret Passage This shield is small and basic, and can only deflect enemy arrows or other solid projectiles.
Fire Shield Waterfall of Wishing, can also be purchased This shield can deflect enemy fireballs.
Mirror Shield Turtle Rock The overall best shield, the Mirror Shield can deflect even laser beams shot at Link as long as the shield is facing the attack when it happens.


Icon Name Location Description
Green Mail Start with it. Standard mail. Link has this at the start.
Blue Mail Ice Lake Cuts damage link receives by 50%.
Red Mail Ganon's Tower Cut damage Link receives by 75%.


Icon Name Location Description
Piece of Heart Everywhere The mysterious Piece of Heart will allow you to increase your number of hearts, but you'll need to find a set of four before this item is of any use to you. See Heart Pieces for more.
Heart Container Dungeons, Piece of Heart ×4 This item allows you to instantly add another heart to your health. Collecting four Pieces of Heart will also make a complete Heart Container.

Dungeon items[edit]

Icon Name Location Description
Small Key Dungeons This is used to open locked doors.
Big Key Dungeons This item is a master key allowing you to unlock specific locks in a dungeon that a Small Key cannot.
Map Dungeons Allows you to see the rest of the dungeon mapped out, even the rooms you haven't visited yet.
Compass Dungeons The Compass is used to show the exact room the dungeon's boss is in. Pretty much useless without a Map.

Selectable items[edit]

These items can be used one at a time. Some of them consume magic points (MP) when used.

By using Magic Powder on a shrine next to the blacksmith's house, a strange bat-like creature appears and "curses" Link, resulting in a doubled Magic Meter. The one-half means that magic is drained at one-half the normal rate.

Icon Name Location Description MP
Shovel Haunted Grove (Dark World) The Shovel is needed to find the Flute. In the Game Boy Advance version you get to keep it after finding the Flute, and it can then be used to dig up Rupees. In all other versions the Flute replaces it in the items screen. No
Bow Eastern Palace The bow shoots arrows. No
Silver Arrows Pyramid of Power The Silver Arrows are the item necessary to destroy Ganon. Without silver arrows to seal his fate he will merely regenerate his health and be unbeatable. They can kill almost every enemy in one shot. No
Ice Rod Lake Hylia The Ice Rod allows you to freeze enemies or bosses. Yes
Fire Rod Skull Woods The Fire Rod burns things. Yes
Bombos Desert of Mystery Bombos damages enemies with a ring of fire. Yes
Quake Rock Circle Quake freezes enemies and sometimes unlocks new paths. Yes
Ether Death Mountain (Light World) Ether morphs enemies into new forms and sometimes unlocks new paths. Yes
Boomerang Hyrule Castle The Boomerang is useful for stunning strong enemies, instantly killing weaker ones, and collecting items from afar. No
Magic Boomerang Waterfall of Wishing The Boomerang is useful for stunning strong enemies, instantly killing weaker ones, and collecting items from afar. No
Hookshot Swamp Palace The Hookshot allows you to shoot a grappling hook that attaches to certain kinds of walls and objects; when the chain retracts, Link gets pulled along. It is useful for clearing pits and reaching other hard-to-access places. Like the Boomerang, the Hookshot is useful for stunning and killing enemies, and collecting items from afar. No
Bombs Everywhere Bombs damage enemies and open new paths…but don't get too close! You can carry more bombs by visiting the Fountain of Happiness No
Magic Cape Cemetery This item makes Link fully invisible, although it does this at the cost of around one portion of the unhalved magic meter per second. Yes
Cane of Somaria Misery Mire This mysterious cane can create magic blocks to place on switches, as well as temporary platforms that Link can ride on. Yes
Cane of Byrna Death Mountain (Dark World) This magic Cane can protect Link from attacks, but depletes your Magic Meter. Yes
Magic Hammer Dark Palace The Magic Hammer can be used to pound in stakes that block some passages. No
Lamp Link's House, the Secret Passage, or Zelda's prison The Lamp is used to light torches and see in the dark. Yes
Mushroom The Lost Woods Take this to the Witch's Hut and she'll give you a bag of Magic Powder in return. No
Magic Powder Magic Shop You get this in exchange for the Mushroom. Sprinkle this on enemies and they may change shape. Yes
Flute Haunted Grove (Light World) The Flute (or Ocarina) allows you to travel around the world faster. No
Magic Mirror Death Mountain (Light World) The Magic Mirror allows you to warp between worlds or return to the entrance of a dungeon. No
Bug-Catching Net Kakariko Village You can catch bees and fairies with this Net…and possibly other things… No
Bottle Kakariko Village (×2), Lake Hylia, and Village of Outcasts Bottles can hold medicines you buy or things you catch with your Net. This is a list of bottle items:
  • Red Potion
  • Green Potion
  • Blue potion
  • Fairy
  • Bee
  • Good/Golden Bee
  • Fish
Book of Mudora House of Books Allows you to read Hylian inscriptions. No

Continuous items[edit]

These items are active at the same time. By pressing the A Button (SNES) or R button(GBA), the appropriate item will activate, depending on the context.

Icon Name Location Description
Power Glove Desert Palace The Power Glove allows Link to lift light-green rocks.
Titan's Mitt Gargoyle Dungeon The Titan's Mitt allows Link to lift dark-green rocks.
Pegasus Boots Sahasrahla's Hideout These are very useful for breaking into many secrets throughout the game world.
Zora's Flippers Zora's Domain Zora's Flippers allow Link to swim.
Moon Pearl Tower of Hera The Moon Pearl prevents Link from changing shape when he enters the Dark World.
Basket Lumberjacks' House Used for the Riddle Quest (Game Boy Advance version only).