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Major characters[edit]


Spoiler warning! This section of the article contains spoilers, or hints about the game's storyline or progression.

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This is the character that you control for 99% of the time- the new Hero Of Winds. His sister was stolen by Ganondorf in the search for Zelda, starting his quest. He'll be called Link for the rest of this page.


Link's sister. She was stolen by the Helmaroc King when it mistook her for Tetra at the start of the game.


The leader of the pirates, nearly kidnapped by the Helmaroc King in its search for 'long- eared girls'.

King Of Red Lions[edit]

The ship that Link sails on his quest- he is very knowledgeable about the Great Sea and Link's destiny.


Guess who's back? It's the recurring villain from the series, Ganondorf. He's somehow managed to escape from his seal, and is once again looking to conquer Hyrule by getting the Triforce.

Minor characters[edit]



The owner of a line of 'Shop Ships', he distributes items- for a price. He is somehow at many different places all at once, although this is never mentioned in the game. He'll mail you Beedle's Chart later in the game.


A strange man who for some unexplained reason wishes he were a fairy. He owns a large tower at grid square C3 but at the start of the game is locked in prison. He can offer many hints and other services with the Tingle Tuner and a a GameBoy Advance, and he can decipher charts written in Ancient Hyrulian.



A young Rito, friend of Prince Komali and attendant to the Dragon Spirit Valoo. She is the secret sage of the Earth Temple, and when Link plays a particular song to her she helps to restore power to the Master Sword by accompanying him into the temple.


A young Korok who leads the Deku Tree's ceremony. He is the secret sage of the Wind Temple, and when Link plays a particular song to him he helps to restore power to the Master Sword by accompanying him into the temple.


Link's Grandma is a kindly old woman who is constantly worried about her grandchildren. From time to time she'll send you a letter, sometimes containing money, and after you return to Outset Island she'll fill up a bottle with her special soup. Not only does it restore health and magic, it also boosts your strength until you are hit. One bottle holds two servings.


A Rito postman who helps Link out several times throughout the game.


The Spirit of the Skies and guardian of Din's Pearl. At the first encounter with him, he is being tortured by a terrible monster who is attacking his tail. His scales help the Ritos grow their wings.

The Great Deku Tree[edit]

The Spirit of the Earth and guardian of Farore's Pearl. At the first encounter with him, he is being troubled by parasitic ChuChus, and the head of his 'ceremony' has been kidnapped.


The Spirit of the Seas and guardian of Nayru's pearl. When you first seek him, his island has been torn to pieces by evil magic, and it later emerges that he is hiding in Outset Island. He may be either Jabu-Jabu from Ocarina of Time, or one of his descendants.

Old Man Ho Ho[edit]

An old man who enjoys looking out to sea with his telescope. He appears on several islands and is usually looking at something interesting.