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Killer Bee Gang[edit]

In the plaza on top of Windfall Island there is a school called Mrs. Marie's School of Joy. If you go talk to the teacher inside she'll tell you about a gang of four boys who never listen to her. She asks you to catch their leader, a boy named Ivan, to talk some sense into him.

Outside the school there is a gang of four boys walking around. If you go talk to them and speak with the boy in the hat he'll tell you the gangs name is the Killer Bees. He'll challenge you to a competition of hide and seek. He explains the rules how they won't hide indoors and they won't leave the island. If you find them they will run and you have to catch them. You have to catch all four of them.

After the boys scatter head through the archway to the left of Mrs. Marie's School and turn left. The first boy is behind the bush. Once you get close enough he'll take off running. Run after him and all you have to do to catch him is touch him.

Next head over to where Tott is dancing in front of the shrine. Behind the stone is the second boy. Catch him when he runs.

Next head over to the Southwest corner of the island to the bomb shop. If you walk to the left side of the building you can sidle across the ledge and get to the back of the shop. The third boy is hiding there. Chase him down when he runs.

The last boy Ivan is on top of the tree nearest to the mailbox. Roll into the tree and you'll knock him out of the tree. After you chase him down they will reward you with a Piece of Heart.

They will then ask you to apologize to Mrs. Marie for them and when you do she'll reward you with 50 rupees. When you walk back outside the Killer Bees will tell you it's Mrs. Marie's birthday soon and that she likes Joy Pendants. Head down to the bomb shop and roll into the tree that is by the front door and a Joy Pendant will fall out.

The Killer Bees will ask you if you can give the pendant to Mrs. Marie. Head back up to the school, equip the Joy Pendant and show it to Mrs. Marie. She then tells you she'd be really happy if she had 20 Joy Pendants and rewards you with 20 rupees. Once you give her 20 Joy Pendants she will reward you with the Cabana Deed. Once you receive it, you will be able to go into the house on Link's Oasis. Once you give Ms. Marie 40 Joy Pendants she will give you the Hero's Charm, which is a mask that allows you to see the health bars of enemies when you are locked onto them.

Hurricane Spin[edit]

To unlock a special attack called the Hurricane Spin you must gather 10 Knight's Crests. The best way to look for them is to defeat a lot of darknuts; you can even see them wearing it, or you can find some in chests. After you have gathered enough, head to Outset Island to pay Orca a visit. Go to the back of his house where you will see a Knight's Crest on a shelf. Check it and show Orca your 10 Knight's Crests. He will start rambling about his past and then teach you the Hurricane Spin. Yippee! Be careful though, as it costs magic.

Color Pictograph[edit]

This is a pretty simple sidequest. On Windfall Island there is a brick building. A pictographer named Lenzo lives there, and he will say that he lost his pictobox. To find it, find the dancing elvis impersonator and there will be a door behind him. When you enter, it appears to be a jail. Smash some pots and stand on the switch you find. The door will open and Tingle (the guy in the cell) will come out and thank you. Now you are free to go in and explore!

If you move a crate, there will be a hole in the wall. Go in, and go the following path: Right, left, straight, right, left, straight, left, right, right, straight, right. You get to a room with a treasure chest containing the Picto Box! Don't bother finding your way back through the maze, just look for a wooden floor and get dumped into a cove. Go back to the building and give Picto Box to Lenzo. He'll let you keep it, but you must complete 3 tasks for him. The first is to stake out the mailbox and catch the secret admirer, the second is the jumpy guy who is in the cafe during the day and the third involves catching the moment when the guy who walks around town comes passed the woman in the new orange dress. Now get into your boat and sail to the Forest Haven. It doesn't matter if you've beaten that temple or not. Near where the Korok who was playing a violin was standing, there should be a rainbow colored light on the wall. Get an empty bottle and trap the orb emanating the light. Give that to Lenzo on Windfall and he will put it in your box, giving it color!

Travelling Merchants[edit]

Zunari, the merchant on Windfall Island, uses the money he got from selling his sail to you to open an open air shop specializing in decorative items. Unfortunately for him, the only item he has for sale is the Town Flower. You can help him diversify his inventory by trading with the Goron merchants scattered around the Great Sea. (They are never called Gorons in the game, but will be recognized by any whose played Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask.) Each time you trade and get a new item, the Goron merchant will start supplying Zunari with that item for his shop. Altogether there are 12 different items; you get the Magic Armor - from Zunari when he has at least 3 items for sale, and a Piece of Heart when you trade the Shop Guru Statue to the Goron on Greatfish Isle.

The Gorons will never give you any value for the item you trade, so each time you have to pay the same amount as you would to Zunari for the item you're trading for. This amount is small to start with but grows rapidly, so have at least one wallet upgrade and some ready cash before you start. The decorative items are carried in your Delivery Bag and you may only carry three at a time. Also, each Goron will only make three trades per day, so the Song of Passing may come in handy. There is quite a bit of travelling to do between the Goron's locations, so the Ballad of Gales (B of G) will make this go much more quickly.

The three locations of the Goron merchants are:

  • Greatfish Isle: a B of G destination
  • Mother $ Child Isles: B of G to Windfall Island where you can pick up any items you need, then sail west. You can alternatively B of G to Tingle Isle to arrive faster if you do not need to restock. Note that despite Mother and Child Isles being a B of G location you will not be able to access the Goron this way.
  • Bomb Island: B of G to Forest Haven and sail north.
Item Cost (Rupees) Greatfish Isle Mother & Child Isles Bomb Island
Town Flower 10 Sea Flower Sea Flower Sea Flower
Sea Flower 20 Exotic Flower Town Flower Town Flower
Exotic Flower 25 Sea Flower Pinwheel Sickle Moon Flag
Pinwheel 55 Exotic Flower Exotic Flower Sickle Moon Flag
Sickle Moon Flag 40 Fountain Idol Big Catch Flag Fountain Idol
Fountain Idol 65 Skull Tower Idol Big Sale Flag Sickle Moon Flag
Skull Tower Idol 60 Fountain Idol Big Sale Flag Fountain Idol
Big Catch Flag 85 Fountain Idol Sickle Moon Flag Fountain Idol
Big Sale Flag 35 Hero's Flag Big Catch Flag Hero's Flag
Hero's Flag 75 Postman Statue Big Sale Flag Big Catch Flag
Postman Statue 100 Fountain Idol Shop Guru Statue Fountain Idol
Shop Guru Statue 200 Piece of Heart Postman Statue Postman Statue

Maggie's true love[edit]

After your second visit to the Forsaken Fortress, go to Maggie's house above the auction on Windfall Island. (This was Mila's house earlier but Mila's father spend everything he had for ransom while Maggie's father made a lot of Rupees from the treasure that Maggie brought back.) Talk to Maggie's father and Maggie to learn that Maggie is secretly in love with Moe the Moblin, a resident of the Forsaken Fortress. Her father is trying to put a stop to it by intercepting all the mail between Maggie and Moe. Maggie gives you a letter to Moe to post for her, so take it to the nearest post box; you have to spring for the postage.

Wait a while, at least one game day, and return to Maggie's house to find the postman having an argument with Maggie's father. The postman has a letter from Moe but refuses to let the postman deliver it. The postman gives up and says something about needing a refreshment. Now go to the pub above Zunari's shop to find the postman. He can't seem to find the solution to his problem in the bottom of his glass, so he asks you to give Moe's letter to Maggie yourself.

Go back to Maggie's house again, go past Maggie's father who doesn't suspect you of anything, and show the letter to Maggie. From the contents, it seems that Moe's interest is more culinary than romantic, but somehow Maggie interprets it as a marriage proposal. She's so pleases than she gives you a Piece of Heart as an engagement gift.

Mila's mischief[edit]

Mila, once this richest little girl in town, is dressed in rags and lurks the streets after dark after she is rescued from the Forsaken Fortress. Talk to her near the potion shop at night and she shoos you away. Walk away for a bit and she starts down the slope toward the main gate. Now it's time to play Sam Spade and tail her. Try to keep her just within sight and duck behind a wall as best as you can if she stops to see if she's being followed. There is at least one point where she starts to suspect something but you pretend to be a cat and she continues on her way. If she does spot you then she runs off; go into a building and come out or play Song of Passing twice to restart. After leading you around the town, she comes to Zunari's shop and starts trying to crack the safe. Run up and talk to her to catch her in the act. A conversation starts where you try to steer her straight, so don't let her off scot-free but don't just turn her in either. (Picking the first response to each question will do the trick.) Mila is grateful for turning her away from a life of crime so she gives you an Empty Bottle as a reward.

Playing Cupid[edit]

After getting the Color Pictobox you will have learned that Linda and Anton have been secretly attracted to each other but too shy to say anything. Take a color picture of Linda, then show it to Anton as he strolls around town. Seeing the picture, he finally makes up his mind to ask her to have coffee with him.

Wait a while, at least one game day, and go to the pub above Zunari's shop. Linda and Anton are there as a couple. Talk to Linda and as a reward for getting their relationship started she gives you a Piece of Heart.

Joyous volunteers[edit]

After starting the Travelling Merchants sidequest, talk to the man sitting on the park bench between Zunari's shop and Lenzo's shop. He tells you about a plan to beautify the town by putting decorative items in various places. So start buying items from Zunari's shop and finding locations to put them. Apparently only outdoor locations count, though there are many indoor locations to put them which you can fill as you see fit. There are even some locations on other islands you can fill. The cheapest item is the Town Flower but you can be creative if you're willing to spend a few extra Rupees. There are 14 outdoor locations:

  • 3 around the park bench
  • 2 in front of Zunari's shop
  • 1 next to the potion shop
  • 2 on the ledge opposite the potion shop
  • 6 on top of the main gate

After filling all of these, talk to the man on the park bench again to get a Piece of Heart as a reward.

Windmill and lighthouse[edit]

Go through the shop with the battleship game to reach a ledge in front of the windmill. Talk to the man in the orange shirt and yellow hat to find out that windmill would probably work if the wind was blowing the right direction and the power switch was on. The wind has to be blowing directly into the windmill, in other words to the north. (The man in the orange shirt will tell you the wind is blowing in the right direction if it is.) Direct the wind north and then find the switch. You can narrow your search to the area surrounding the building, and sure enough if you follow the ledge to the left of the shop with the battleship game you'll come upon a ladder. Climb up and press the switch to start to windmill.

The windmill doubles as a Ferris wheel. To ride it, go through the shop with the battleship game again and hop on. Ride it over the top and half way down again to come close enough to Lenzo's balcony to jump to it. Go through the door there to a hidden room above Lenzo's shop, then open the chests to get Treasure Chart #29 and a Purple Rupee. (There is a tunnel here as well, see the 'Lenzo's secret' sidequest.)

For the next part you need Fire Arrows. If it's not night already then use the Song of Passing to make it so. Get on the windmill as before, and when you are halfway up, take out your Fire Arrows and get ready to shoot. At the apex of the ride, Shoot a fire arrow directly into the light fixture, aiming for the small torch in the center. If you aim correctly, the lighthouse should light and a chest will be revealed on a tiny island near the Bomb Shop. Talk to the man in orange in front of the windmill, he's so happy the windmill is going again he gives you a Piece of Heart. Now get to the ledge to the left of the bomb shop, set the wind direction to southwest, and glide to the island to get to the chest and collect a second Piece of Heart.

Lenzo's secret[edit]

After restoring the windmill and with a Pictograph slot open, talk to the two women gossiping in front of the auction and they start speculating whether Lenzo is romantically involved with one of the other women in the village. Board the ferris wheel and ride it to Lenzo's balcony, then go in and enter the tunnel between the two chests. You come out at the foot of the stairs and find Lenzo talking to a woman in orange. Take a picture of the pair before they notice you, then head out; Lenzo will be startled to see you coming from that direction but he won't be angry. Now go back to the gossiping women and show them the photo. They can see that Lenzo and the woman are just friends interested in Pictographs, but they give you Treasure Chart #24 as a reward for satisfying their curiosity.