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  • Star Island
  • Watering all Deku things
  • Top of Headstone Island with Seagull
  • Sea treasure by Forest Haven
  • Talk to Windfall couple in bar after reuniting them
  • Sea treasures by:
    • Five-Star Isles
    • Angular Isles
    • Bomb Island
    • Southern Fairy Island
    • Crescent Moon Isle
    • Pawprint Isle
    • Diamond Steppe Island
    • Thorned Fairy Island
    • Rock Spire Island
    • Three eye reef
  • Man on bench on Windfall for decorating town
  • Outset island, pig digging
  • Spectacle Island game
  • Letter from Baito's mother
  • Beedle shop on Rock Spire Island
  • Pawprint Isle, in dome, down hole
  • After giving 20 feathers to Dragon Roost guard
  • On platform by Stone Watcher Island
  • In chest on Needle Rock Island
  • Birdman contest
  • Submarines by:
    • Five-Star Isles
    • Six-Eye Reef
  • Angular Isles