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Dragon Roost Cavern is a hot, volcanic area of the island that is extremely dangerous to navigate through. There are a large number of monsters here, so be on your guard.

First Floor (1F)[edit]

In the first room, you'll find three statues in a row (left, middle, right). Pull the left statue toward the entrance. Now go behind the statue you just pulled. Grab the middle statue and pull it toward the room's west wall to reveal a passageway that leads to the larger part of the room.

Defeat the two Bokoblins in the northern part of the room. After killing them, pick up one of the Boko Sticks they dropped and run over to the lit torch in the room's northeast corner. Quickly run over to the the northwest side of the room and light the two unlit torches. If your fire goes out before lighting the two torches, don't panic. Just re-light your Boko Stick and finish lighting the torches. Once the two torches are lit, a small chest will appear. Open it to find a Small Key Small Key. You can now open the locked door.

In the northern part of the first room, you will find a blue cauldron with green smoke coming out of it; this is a Warp Jar. When you find other Warp Jars, you can climb into them to teleport to a Warp Jar you previously discovered. Do note, however, that you can only use Warp Jars to teleport to other Warp Jars within the same dungeon.

In the next room, you will notice that the air is getting hotter. Go to the end of the hall and break through the broken boards blocking the doorway. When you pass through the doorway, you will see the lava-filled cavern ahead of you.

Head clockwise around the edge of the cavern and follow the wooden walkway when you come to it. You will soon find that part of the walkway is broken, creating a large gap that you must overcome. Jump down into the gap and you will land on a platform. Now face the wall. You will notice that there is a block embedded in it. Grab the block and pull it out. Climb on top of the block and use it to jump onto the next part of the walkway. Continue heading clockwise.

When you reach the end of the walkway, jump over the gap to the right. In front of you will be a long, narrow bridge that spans the length of the cavern. As you cross it, be careful of the Keese that fly around the cavern. When you reach the other end of the bridge, use a Bomb Flower Bomb Flower to blow up the rock that is blocking the path. Once the rock is gone, go through the door.

The Dungeon Map[edit]

Unfortunately, this room happens to be dead end, because there is lava in the middle of the room that is impossible to jump across. However, the pots by the entrance are filled with water. Grab one and throw it in the lava in front of the treasure chest on the far side of the room. This will temporarily create a rock surface you can jump on. Go open the treasure chest to get the Dungeon Map Dungeon Map. You can see the layout of the caverns by with it.

Red ChuChu Trouble[edit]

With the Dungeon Map in hand, throw a water-filled pot from beside the treasure chest into the lava and cross to the side opposite the door you entered. There is a Red ChuChu at the top of the ladder. Lure it down to you from below. After you defeat it, you can get some Red Chu Jelly from it. Enough of this jelly can be used to make a Red Potion. Whether you want the Red Chu Jelly Red Chu Jelly or not, climb up the ladder and head into the next room.

Boards and Swords[edit]

Head straight forward. A Bokoblin will break through the boarded doorway when you get close enough. After he does that, defeat him and pick up his sword. Use it to break through the boarded doorway on the left of the entrance to the room. Go into the opened pathway. Climb the ledge on the left, kill the Red ChuChus, and break through the boards with the Bokoblin sword. Behind them is a treasure chest containing a Small Key Small Key. Jump off the ledge and head through the door on the left.

Agitating Bombs[edit]

You'll find yourself back in the main cavern, and near a rock blocking the path going clockwise. Grab one of the rocks on the ground and throw it at the Bomb Flowers on the wall. You'll trigger them to explode. This will blow up the rock blocking the path. Head clockwise, but stop at the locked door you had to pass the first time you were here. Now, you can unlock it.

Nasty Enemies Ahead[edit]

In this room, you'll see an annoying trait of ChuChus: dropping from the ceiling to attack. Try your best to deal with the Red Chuchus as they drop. After you get past them, walk up to the boarded room on the left. When you get close enough, a Bokoblin will jump out of one of the pots behind the boards and smash his way through. Kill him and grab the Boko Stick Boko Stick he had. Light it on the torch stand and use it to burn through the other boarded entrance on the right. Stand on the switch inside to open the door. The door leads to a path outside.

Mountainside Dangers[edit]

Finally, relief from the hot caverns. Well, for now, at least. Now that you're outside, turn right and head across the bridge. Kill the Bokoblin at the end of the bridge (be careful; if he chases you back onto the bridge, avoid cutting its ropes!). Climb the ladder ahead once the Bokoblin is gone. When you climb the ladder, you'll see a part of it that is charred. Make sure you're not near or on this burnt part too long, because flames burst from the wall here.

Up at the top of the ladder, you'll encounter a Kargoroc. It can be quite annoying, but two strikes are enough to kill it. Once you've taken care of the Kargoroc, the path forward requires you to sidle across the gap. Here, try to avoid the flames shooting from this wall and cross right after they stop coming out. Walk around the boulder in the path and grab onto the ledge. It's too narrow to jump onto, but you can cross the gap by just hanging off the ledge and moving left. When you get to the other side, there is room to climb up. Climb up the next two ledges and you'll see a Bomb Flower. Use the Bomb Flower to blow up the boulder that you passed. Jump down to the newly revealed door.

Block Stairs[edit]

In the next room, you'll see a bunch of stacked blocks. Grab the bottom block in the middle and pull back. Then, grab the bottom block on either the left or right and pull back. You can now climb up the blocks on from either side to a small opening. Head on through

Second Floor (2F)[edit]

The Dungeon Compass[edit]

When you reach the next room, the King of Red Lions will warn you about rats. He tells you to spread bait around their nests to get to their treasure. After hearing this helpful advice, you'll find there are indeed rats in this room. They will try to be sneaky and steal Rupees from you. Get rid of them before they do. (If you have bait, you can also use them to lure the rats out and buy potion and more bait from them.) When you're able to, turn left and pull out the block in the wall. Use the block to climb to the top ledge and open the treasure chest on the right, scoring you the Dungeon Compass Dungeon Compass. Now, you can tell where you are inside any room of the dungeon. After grabbing the Compass, break the pot in the corner near the locked door that contains Boko Sticks and light one on fire. Throw it across the room at the boarded entrance way to burn down the boards. This reveals a treasure chest containing a Small Key Small Key. Use the key to open the locked door in this room.

Key in the Nest[edit]

You're back outside. Turn right, go up the stairway, and jump through the gaps. At the top of the stairs, there is a locked door on the right and a Kargoroc's nest on the left. Head left and kill the Kargoroc. In the nest is a Small Key Small Key to open the locked door.

A Joy Pendant[edit]

You'll enter a dark room. Break the nearby pot holding Boko Sticks. Pick one up and light on fire. Head down the hallway and you'll enter a room with several Keese. Before fighting the Keese, light the torch stand in the middle of the room. Then, fight off the Keese. After you kill the Keese, you'll find a treasure chest containing a Joy Pendant Joy Pendant in the back of the room. Burn the boarded doorway up with a lighted stick and continue. Light the two torch stands at the end of the hallway to unlock the door.

Use the Bomb Flower nearby to blow up the rock on top of the teleportation pot. Now, you can at least get this far quicker if you need to. Cross the bridge to the other side and go through the door.

Bokoblin's Treasure Chart[edit]

The door will lock behind you in the next room. You need to kill all the Bokoblins here to unlock the door. There are a few hiding in pots, and you'll need to roll against the wall under the shelves to knock down some of the pots. After you kill all the Bokoblins, find one of the Boko Sticks they had and light the torch stand to get a Treasure Chart Treasure Chart. Climb the ladder and go on ahead through the door.

Riding the Lava[edit]

In the next room, you will find a centipede-like creature called a Magtail. These creatures are pesky, but there's a simple way to get rid of this one. Grab a water-filled pot and throw it at the Magtail on the island in the center. This will cause it to roll up into a ball, and you can jump across and kill it. Then, jump back and grab another water pot. Head back to the rock island in the middle. You want to throw the water pot at the spot where a tower of flames bursts out. You can see the spot bubbling before the flames shoot up. Jump onto the hard surface created from throwing water pot into the lava and ride the flame up. Jump forward when you're at the top, and go into the next room.

Third Floor (F3)[edit]

Opening the Path Ahead[edit]

The next room is actually the entrance to the boss, but we still don't have the Big Key Big Key. There are two boulders, one to the left and one directly in front of you. Below the ledge by the entrance is a Bomb Flower. Blow up the boulder in front of you, revealing the last teleportation pot. Then, blow up the boulder on the left, revealing a door. Go through it.

Outside Again[edit]

Ah, fresh air again, and you're getting closer to Valoo. Of course, he's far from happy right now. Run up the nearby stairs quickly, but don't waste time, because they will start to fall out from under you.

Fourth Floor (F4)[edit]

Miniboss: Bokoblins and Moblin[edit]

Head through the door on the right and you'll see Medli imprisoned. Now you must face off against her guards, two Bokoblins. When you've taken them out, A Kargoroc will fly in and drop a Moblin down to face you. He's pretty fierce with his polearm, but he drops his guard often. Dodge his attacks, and wait for a chance to strike. (A real weak point is his behind. Strike it, and he'll run away screaming!)

When you've finally bested the Moblin, a Skull Necklace Skull Necklace is among the spoils, and Medli will be freed. Go talk to her. She tells you some creature is doing something awful to Valoo's tail. The path ahead is quite dangerous, so she gives you something to help, the Grappling Hook Grappling Hook.

The Grappling Hook[edit]

With the handy Grappling Hook, you can latch onto outstretched poles or branches and swing from them like a vine. You can also steal spoils from enemies with a simple swipe of this weapon. Along with that, you can now salvage treasure from the deep!

On the HD version, you can now press Right dpad once you're on the boat with the acquired item instead of just switching to another item.

Of course, the Grappling Hook is a Rito device, so Medli knows how to use it.

Climb up the stairs nearby, and Medli will explain how to use the grappling hook to swing across to the other ledge. Use it again to cross the next gap, and break down the boards with your sword. Jump straight down from here and turn left. Grapple down the mountain until you get to a door. Go through it.

The Big Key[edit]

Joy Pendants Galore[edit]

Kill the two Bokoblins, one of which is hiding in a jar across the bridge. If you want some extra Joy Pendants, you're about to get your wish. You can use the grappling hook on the Bokoblins to steal a couple, and then kill them to reveal a chest in the bottom part of the room. You need to burn or cut the ropes holding the bridge up so you can fall down to the rock path directly below. Open the treasure chest to get another Joy Pendant and then go through the door.

Pulling a Hook Switch[edit]

Turn right and you'll see a cage with a suspended platform in the middle. Jump to the center of the platform and pull you sword out. Do a spin attack to cut all the ropes holding the platform up. It will fall into the lava below. When the platform is at the bottom, you can jump through an archway in the wall. Jump onto the platforms ahead, turn left and jump across once more. Climb up the ladder and you'll see a locked door. Use the grappling hook to grab onto the hook that is in the direction of the center of the cavern. It will budge for a moment, which will unlock the door. Swing back onto the ledge you swung off from and go through the door.

Swinging and Turning[edit]

Use the grappling hook to swing on the hook in the next room, but don't let go. Use the R button to stop so you can turn to the right and swing to a new path. Jump to the ledge you see there and then jump across the platforms. When you get to the last platform, use the grappling hook to swing across. Go through the door.

The Big Key[edit]

Here is the location of the Big Key Big Key. In this room, you'll find another Magtail and a circle of flames to the left. You'll also see a nearby switch that stops the flames from burning. Lure the Magtail over to you and wait for it to outstretch its pincers. Then, strike it in the eye with the grappling hook twice to make it curl up in a ball. Pick it up and set it on the switch. The flames will extinguish, and you can open the chest that contains the Big Key. It can open the Boss's door. Once you have the key, head back out through the door you came in.


Grapple to the ledge, and jump over the next few ledges to come. Use the grappling hook on the pole that you reach and then press the R button to turn left and head back through the door. From here, turn left and go down the ladder. Jump over the ledges to the platform that gets shot up by the flame tower. Jump on the platform and ride it up. Go back through the door above.

Throw one of the water pots by the entrance to onto the lava where a flame tower shoots out at the opposite side of the room. Ride the flame tower to the top and jump onto the ledge. Head out the door.

Back outside, turn right and use the grappling hook to go back up the side of the mountain. Go through the door at the top ledge. You can now use the grappling hook to cross the lava in this room. Across the lava on the left is a treasure chest containing 10 rupees. On the right is a chest containing a Knight's Crest. Go open the door with the Big Key.

Boss: Gohma[edit]

The moment you enter this room, it seems deserted, except for Valoo's tail. However, a huge centipede emerges from deep within the caverns. This monster is Gohma, the boss of the caverns.


Gohma is the beast that has stirred up Valoo, clawing at his tail in the caverns. If you take a good look at Gohma, you can see she is a vicious, oversized Magtail. However, enough is enough, because there's a way to stop her havoc.

Valoo is quite uncomfortable with Gohma clawing at his tail.

Gohma will try to land swings at you with her claws, but if she misses, they'll get stuck in the ground for a few seconds. Make sure to dodge her claws and try to get away from her. When you have a chance, just after her claw gets stuck, use the grappling hook (make sure L-targeting is off or you'll aim at Gohma's eye) to grab onto Valoo's tail at the center of the room and swing across the room and let go. After you let go, a giant piece of rock will hit Gohma in the head, cracking the monster's armor. As you land, after dropping a rock on Gohma, keep your grappling hook out, centered to where Valoo's tail is going to be (once it stops swinging), and then as quickly as possible, grapple onto his tail again. If you do this three times, her armor will shatter apart.

With her armor gone, Gohma will be more aggressive. She will lunge at you as much as she can, and occasionally breathe fire to really give you a hard time. When Gohma lands blows with both of her claws and gets stuck, L-target Gohma's eye and snag it with the grappling hook, and then drag it close to you.

Now is your chance to finish her off. Hit her in the eye with your sword using jumping slashes, as these are more effective than vertical and horizontal slashes. However, you need to be careful not to leap into the lava! After repeating this a few times you'll defeat her, and the great monster will fall, giving you a Heart Container. Along with it, you can now teleport out of the caverns.

When you return to Dragon Roost Island, Valoo will acknowledge your heroism, and you'll be rewarded with Din's Pearl for going to great lengths to aid him.

Second Time Playing[edit]

Don't know what Valoo is saying? The second time you play this game, you'll see what it's saying if you're not into a language you can't read!