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If you choose to do the dungeons first, here's what you need to do, to get through the game.

Mother and Child Isles (B2)[edit]

You should already have met the Great Fairy in Mother and Child Isles the first time before Forsaken Fortress. Also Ballad of Gales from Cyclos. So warp again to Mother and Child Isles. You'll go through a dialogue cutscene acquiring a major item needed to get into one of the two islands.

Fire Mountain (F3)[edit]

Warp to Dragon Roost Island and go south to the Fire Island. Line up your ice arrows and aim for the lava plumes. Once it's hit you have five minutes to get in to get the item before the time is expired. So climb around until you're able to reach the top and jump inside the volcano. Then take care of all monsters namely fire Keeses and Magtails. The treasure appears after you cross the lava. Inside is the power bracelet. Once you get that treasure the clock stops and to exit the island is to lift up the headstone and exit the volcano.

Note: You can do the same with Ice Mountain which is west of Forest Haven island. You'll pick up the Iron Boots. This would make it easier if you want to be more prepared for the next dungeon after this.

Headstone Island (C7)[edit]

There's a reason why you needed the power bracelet: the headstone is blocking your path to the cavern and bombs cannot destroy the rock. Lift the headstone and throw it. It will shatter. Now go in. Take out the Wind Waker and follow this beat: Hold Right control then Down cstickDown cstickNeutral cstickRight cstickLeft cstickNeutral cstick. The ghostly image of what Ocarina of Time players will recognize as a Zora appears before Link. Her name's Laruto, the former sage of the Earth Temple. Ganon attacked her temple and stole her soul to weaken the Master Sword. Link needs to find a person who carries the harp who would become the new sage of this temple. Only the new sage can remove the stone tablet that blocks the entrance to the Earth Temple.

Dragon Roost Island (F2)[edit]

Warp to Dragon Roost Island again and go throuth the Rito aerie. Run up to the second floor and the second doorway to the outside. Go west and until you see a ledge. You can glide with the Deku Leaf or use your grapple hook to get across. Once you get to Medli, she'll tell you that Komali is having his wings already. Once you take out your baton she'll asks you to conduct. So do the Earth God's Lyric and she'll fall into a trance. Once she wakes up, she realise after playing the song to ask Link to take her to become the new Earth Sage.

Headstone Island (C7)[edit]

You should warp again to Outset Island and go east to the island. King of Red Lions will instruct both to work together before heading to the dungeon. Do the Earth God's Lyric and you and your companion will go into a dungeon.

Earth Temple Dungeon[edit]

Here are simple key points when going through this dungeon:

  • Find a dungeon map and compass.
  • Stone tablets with music icons is blocking your path. Do Earth God's Lyrics to break open a path.
  • Pick up and co-ordinate between your mirror shield and Medli's shining harp.
  • Control Medli the way you did back from Tower of the Gods with the Command Melody.
  • Unblock warping jars in any way possible.

Boss Fight: Jalhalla[edit]

Make sure you have the Boss Key before you go in. Jalhalla is an enormous Poe encompassing eleven poes. His normal attacks is a jet of fire from the lantern, a blast of wind that can send you into the spikes that line the room walls and able to temporarily reverse your Neutral control directions. Example Up control is down Down control and Right control is Left control. So repeat this pattern: Stand in the light and reflect your mirror shield at him until he's stunned. Pick up Jalhalla and throw him at the spike pillars. Then hurry and take out as many poes as it can before you have to repeat the same thing again. Halfway, you have to move quickly to one light and quickly and manually aim for Jalhalla continue taking out the remaining poes.


Once Jahalla's finished, pick up the Heart Container and has a nice ending to this. Link conducts Medli and the ghost Laruto the Earth God's Lyric. The hilt of the Master Sword transforms as Medli's devotion restores power part of its former power. Medli tells Link that he must restore the Earth Temple before the Master Sword regains its ability to repel evil. She also asks him to watch over Prince Komali and bids him goodbye. Link steps into the light of the Triforce sigil and rises out of the Earth Temple, warping back to the Headstone Island's shores.