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Now that you have the Hero's Bow and some arrows, it's time to save your sister Aryll but there's a few things you need to do first.

Zephos showdown[edit]

Aim the wind northwest and head for the almighty powerful cyclone. When Cyclos comes up, ready your arrows and try to hit him three times before you get sucked in. If you get sucked in you will be warped to a different part of the map. Hitting Cyclos is difficult, as your shots will appear veer off to the left, however some of them seem to curve with the force of the vortex. If you aren't hitting him, vary your shots, but keep shooting! You will probably be surprised by which ones hit him and which ones don't.

After you succeed in hurting Cyclos, he will stop his fury and give you a musical hint to another wind command. Ballad of Gales is simple: Hold Left control and do Down cstick, Right cstick, Left cstick, Up cstick in between beats. Here's where you can teleport to:

  • Mother and Child Isles (B2)
  • Windfall Island (D2)
  • Dragon Roost Island (F2)
  • Tingle Island (C3)
  • Greatfish Isle (B4)
  • Tower of the Gods (E4)
  • Southern Fairy Island (D6)
  • Forest Haven (F6)
  • Outset Island (B7)

Queen of the Fairies: Fire and Ice Arrows[edit]

Now, use the Ballad of Gales and warp to the Mother and Child Isles (B2). A cutscene will occur and the Fairy Queen will tell you that your sister is in trouble and needs your help. She will grant you some additional power by infusing you with two elemental fairies, thus giving you access to the Fire and Ice Arrows.

If any of your jars are empty, fill them up with fairies now to save you from danger in the future. Since you're going back to Forsaken Fortress, warp to Tingle Island and sail north-west to that island.

Note: unfortunately, as you should have noticed, it is not possible to use Mother and Child Isles as a place to warp to before sailing to other islands. Since you are trapped inside of the island, you will have to teleport out to one of the other two closest warp spots (B4 and D2) it would be inconvenient to go to the northwest islands as you have no way out of the Mother Isle.

Bomb your way in[edit]

Sail to the Forsaken Fortress and you'll notice cannon boats and bomb firing cannons. Find the wooden door, take care of enemies near you and blow that door open. Take note that even day time will turn to permanent night as you enter his castle.

Phantom Ganon's first battle[edit]

By the middle of the large area (you don't have to worry about searchlights at the moment so you won't be thrown into jail again) Phantom Ganon appears. This is pretty much a game of tennis: You hit the white magic ball many times until it hits the Phantom. Then slice him up with your sword. Keep going until he's defeated as two large doors unbarred and a treasure appears. What you get is a skull hammer.

Dejavu all over again[edit]

If you have a treasure map and compass, then note the changes, you need the skull hammer to break down spiked pegs, the swinging ropes won't be there so you need to use the deku leaf to glide across the room and this time, the reason to take down the searchlights so you won't get blasted by bomb firing cannons. Near the end, before you encounter Aryill again, you can sidle to save deku leaf power or choose to glide. Get the final peg and go in the large door.

Note: If there's treasures you want to collect at the bottom floor below, watch out for the floormaster as it's capable of bringing you into jail. Use the parry attack to take care of it. But if it's too much for you, finish the dungeon then go back to Forsaken Fortress to retrieve the treasure. All of the monsters will be gone.

Helmaroc King boss fight[edit]

Long cutscene short, Link meets Aryll again and with the door locked, Tetra's pirate crew comes to save the day and leaves Link to deal with the giant bird at the top. As soon as Tetra leaves, your first part is to go to the top. Ignore enemies as you reach the top. Should you get knocked off, use your grapple hook to swing yourself back on schedule. Helmaroc will stop you near the top so whack him with the skull hammer to finish the first part.

The second part is slightly harder. The key at this point is to wait for Helmaroc King to peck you down hard. Firstly wait until the large bird finish flying and as you roll out of the way of the bird peck, skull hammer him. Do it three times (four total) to crack its mask. Now you have a chance to finish it off with your master sword. Do the same trick until Helmaroc King succumbs to defeat.

Now continue the path and take down the last of the spike pegs. Once you go in the door where Ganon is another cutscene kicks in. Simply the master sword has lost its power to repel evil. Also noting that as Tetra tries to attack, Ganon reveals a part of a Triforce and believes she's Princess Zelda! To finish off, both Link and Tetra is saved and Valoo burns Ganon's home. While Tetra's still unconscious, the King of Red Lions brings you and her back to where you first got the master sword... In Hyrule Castle.