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Before You Start[edit]

As you're playing in an open-ended world, you can collect the charts and pieces of the Triforce either before or after the Earth and Wind Temples. However, certain conditions must be met to be able to collect every chart and Triforce piece.

  • Free Tingle from his prison on Windfall Island (in the HD version, this is required early in the game so you won't have to worry about it now).
  • Receive Tingle's IN-credible Chart in the mail.
  • Befriend the Killer Bees and obtain at least 21 joy pendants to give to Miss Marie, who will reward you with the Cabana Deed.
  • Have the Bombs, Grappling Hook, Skull Hammer, Hero's Bow, Hookshot, Power Bracelets, and two Hyoi Pears.
  • Defeat Cyclos to acquire the Ballad of Gales.
  • Visit all Great Fairies for the maximum capacity of 99 bombs, 99 arrows, 5,000 rupees, and an enhanced magic meter.
  • Save up to 3,385 rupees (Gamecube version only).
  • Chart out all of the islands to keep you from getting lost. When you check the map, you can find the name of the islands you need to go to.

Triforce Chart #1: Islet of Steel (B5)[edit]

To reach the chart, find where the ships are patrolling and use bombs to break down the entrance. Inside, play the Wind Requiem on the wind crest and the chest will appear. Open this to get TriForce Chart #1. Make sure to break the vases to get some extra rupees.

Triforce Chart #2: Cabana Island (E5)[edit]

Once you acquire the Cabana Deed, go to the island and show the butler that you are the new owner of the island. Inside, Grapple Hook a lever above you to turn off the fireplace. Jump into the hole and take care of the rats. Unfortunately there's no maps and no compass so instead we go for the left/right approach:

  • Go straight from the entrance and bear right when the hallway forks.
  • Bear right at the next intersection, drop down the ladder to reach the underground tunnel entrance and crawl into it.
  • Go left, right, straight and right through the tunnel and climb the ladder at its end.
  • Hammer down both wooden pegs to open two nearby gates.
  • Optional: go down, left tunnel and follow its path to a chest of 100 rupees.
  • Go right of the other tunnel then left, right and right to reach the end, then climb up the ladder.
  • Head to the wooden peg you can see from the ladder and hammer it to open the gate.
  • Go through the gate, turn right and keep going straight until you come to another ladder. Then drop down from the ladder.
  • Optional: at the bottom ladder, enter the one on the same wall as the ladder. Go right, left and left to find more vases to break to get more rupees.
  • Backtrack and go through the other tunnel you haven't gone in yet. Go left, right, left and right to get even more rupees
  • Go back into the tunnel, then head left, left and right to reach the ladder. Climb the ladder.
  • Go back to the entrance by going through the right raised gate.
  • Turn around 180 degrees and head down the right hallway. Take the next left to pass a peg you hammered previously.
  • Drop down the hole with no ladder (next to the peg) to face two ReDeads. Defeat them both.
  • Smash two pots in the cover of the room to reveal a tunnel entrance. Crawl through the tunnel to reach the ladder at the end you need to climb up from.
  • Stand on the wind crest and conduct the Wind's Requiem to get Triforce Chart #2. Hit the last wooden peg with the hammer to open the last gate of the basement and leave.

Triforce Chart #3: Bird's Peak Rock (G5)[edit]

Go to this short island and grapple hook to reach the top, where you find a cavern sealed by a metal gate. Take care of a Blue ChuChu and take a look at the peak. Take down the Kargorocs sitting in the nests you can see using Hero's Bow. The next part could take many tries so have your Hyoi Pears ready. The goal is to have the seagull you control after you use the Hyoi Pear to hit five switches on the peak, which will open the gate. Once that's done, head into the unsealed gate and find an altar with the wind crest. Conduct the Wind's Requiem for a chest to appear that contains Triforce Chart #3.

Seagull Controls[edit]

  • Bank left/right: Left control/Right control
  • Dive: Neutral control
  • Climb: Down control
  • Fly: A button repeatedly
  • Release control: R button

Triforce Chart #4: Ghost Ship[edit]

Getting this chart requires you to get through a puzzle with warp jars. Just like on Cabana Island, there are no maps so it's another left/right approach. First, go to Diamond Steppe Island (A6) and hookshot on the lowest palm tree. Secondly, go to the top and into the hole next to the whirlpool. Lastly, follow these instructions as there are so many warp jars to choose from:

  • Enter the warp jar in front of you.
  • The next one is behind the Floor Master (farthest from the warp jar you entered from).
  • Get the Joy Pendant from the chest next to the warp jar you shot out of, drop off the side of the boat through a gap in the railing and enter the Warp Jar directly below the gap.
  • The next warp jay is behind and to the left of the Floor Master you face in this area.
  • The last warp jar takes you to a wrecked ship with a Floor Master and a chest. Defeat the Floor Master and open the chest to get the Ghost Ship Chart. Then drop off the side of the ship to return to the beam of light that takes you back outside to Diamond Steppe Island.

Now the Ghost Ship only appears at night and will show at one of seven islands. You may have seen it before by trying to sail in but it disappears. Here's the seven islands (but no pictures of the moon phases!). Take a look at the Ghost Ship Chart and co-ordinate where you will find it. Here are the islands:

  • Five-Star Isles (G7)
  • Star Belt Archipelago (G3)
  • Greatfish Isle (B4)
  • Crescent Moon Island (E1)
  • Diamond Steppe Island (A6)
  • Bomb Island (F5)
  • Spectacle Island (C2)

If you found it, sail into it. Now take care of two Poes and the Wizzrobe (and any enemies the Wizzrobe summons). Once that's done, go up the ladder and open the chest containing Triforce Chart #4. You'll automatically leave the Ghost Ship and sadly, it never reappears again.

Triforce Chart #5: Needle Rock Isle (A5)[edit]

This is fairly easy. Sail to Needle Rock Isle and find the three cannon boats. The gold cannon boat takes more hits and will leave a sunken treasure. Use the grapple hook to haul up the treasure chest, which contains Triforce Chart #5. If you're not sure that you're close to the treasure on the high seas, the ongoing rich sound when it's at the loudest, you can be sure that the treasure is under your boat.

Triforce Chart #6: Outset Island (B7)[edit]

Fill up on potions, fairies, or elixir soup before attempting this, and make sure you have the power bracelets. Go to the top, point the wind to northwest and use your deku leaf to glide to the stone head that Old Man Ho-Ho with a telescope is looking at. Cut the grass at that end to refill its power, pick up and throw the stone head away. Drop down to start this long trails of enemies with no item drops. You can stun enemies with your boomerang and then hit them with your Grappling Hook to pull valuable common items from them. Here's a short list of a group of enemies you'll face that should be familiar to you:

  • Floor 1-10 Forsaken Fortress and Dragon Roost Cavern
  • Floor 11-20 Forbidden Woods
  • Floor 21-30 Tower of the Gods
  • Floor 31-40 Earth Temple
  • Floor 41-50 Wind Temple

It is recommended that you attempt this hunt after completing the dungeons so that you're more familiar with the enemies found on floors 31 through 50. Every tenth floor has jars of health, arrows and plenty of rupees. On the thirtieth floor, stand on the wind crest and conduct the Wind Requiem to reveal the chest that contains Triforce Chart #6. The fortieth floor has pots with more than 500 rupees. If you survive to the fiftieth floor, you get a chest containing a Piece of Heart.

Triforce Chart #7: Stone Watcher Island (C5)[edit]

On this island, lift the stone head to reveal a secret cavern. Fall into the cavern and go through the door in front of you when you land. The next room has five doors, not counting the one through which you entered. The one directly across the room from you is sealed. In clockwise, starting from your immediate left is four Armoses, two Moblins, three Wizzrobes and five Bokoblins. When all four flames are lighted, two Darknuts appear. Defeat them and go through the door that had been previously sealed. Stand on the blue wind crest and conduct the Wind's Requiem with your baton to reveal the chest with Triforce Chart #7.

Triforce Chart #8: Overlook Island (G1)[edit]

Sail to the island and use your hookshot to zip up to the lowest palm tree. Continue to hookshot from tree to tree until you come to a secret cavern in the ground. Drop into the cavern. Like Stone Watcher Island, you just have to clear the four rooms and one in the middle to open the door directly across the entrance door. Again but in a different setup starting from the immediate left, in clockwise motion, three Armos Knights, two Stalfos, two Wizzrobes and five shield Bokoblins in pots. In the middle is four Darknuts. Then go through the unsealed door to get Triforce Chart #8.

Triforce Shards[edit]

In order to decipher the many Triforce Charts you will find in the game, you will need the services of Tingle (his island is at C3). You will need at least 3,184 rupees (398 per map) to decipher all eight Triforce Charts and reveal the location of the eight Triforce Shards. Once the charts have been deciphered, sail to each island and pull up the treasure with your hook.

  • Triforce Shard #1: Greatfish Isle (B4)
  • Triforce Shard #2: Gale Isle (D1)
  • Triforce Shard #3: Stone Watcher Island (C5)
  • Triforce Shard #4: Outset Island (B7)
  • Triforce Shard #5: Cliff Plateau Isles (G6)
  • Triforce Shard #6: Southern Triagle Island (D5)
  • Triforce Shard #7: Seven-Star Isles (F1)
  • Triforce Shard #8: Two-Eye Reef (D7)

Once you have all the shards, it's time to go back through the warp at the Temple of the Gods.

Note: If you have anything else to do, do it now. Recharge yourself and resolve any puzzles and sidequests before you go on finishing this ultimate quest against Ganondorf!