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After the game has been completed once, it can be saved in a new file as the second quest. Note that if you have some things that you want to complete in the game before restarting, make sure that you don't save over your existing save slot.

The second quest is nearly identical to the first, except:

  • Link wears his blue pajamas throughout the game, not receiving any hero's clothes in the beginning
  • Aryll wears her purple dress she received from the pirates
  • Link can understand the Hylian language spoken by some characters
  • You start the game with a Deluxe Picto Box. The main advantage with this is that you can take photos of bosses and characters which you couldn't the first time through, because you didn't have the Picto Box, and they can then be turned into figurines in the Nintendo Gallery.

Outset Island[edit]

If you finish the game once, the second time you play, Aryll will wear the clothes from the end credits, you have the color pictograph and you would be wearing the same clothes rather than the green clothes which is a trademark for all Zelda games!

Windfall Island[edit]

You already have the color pictograph so you don't have to do pictograph missions, but you can do the photo shoots with the exception of two ladies gossiping and taking picture of the moon. You can't go on the second floor of Lenzo without the Deku Leaf and you need the day/night baton music for that other task.