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Week 2 & 3: Four Class Choices[edit]

Store Updates
  • Campus Grounds: Vortex Trumpet 1000
  • Student Store: Liquid Metal 1000, Miraculous Powder 1000
  • Cafeteria: n/a
  • Infirmary: n/a
  • Resource Center:

New areas: [God's Scar] and [Clocktower]. The classes you can choose from are Synthesis VII Equipment, Naturology II, Combat V Power, and Synthesis VIII Attack.

  • Synthesis VII Equipment: The assignment is to go into the depths of the Resource Center to obtain a Flask. This may sound easy, but there are 2 Flasks in the Resource Center. Ignore them both for now and just head to the depths and check the bookshelf to obtain the recipe "Flask of Galileo". You want to now head to the chest farther away to obtain the Rusty Flask to make the new key item for class. (Note: If you want to you can grab the Flask if you want, if you make "Flask of Galileo" Mr. Zeppel will take the synthesised flask over the other one.)
  • Naturology II: The assignment is to run Wind's Corridor - Abyss again without your map with the time limit of 10 hours. You must avoid mining, farming, and fruit places as well as battles if you can to complete it in the time limit. Simply make it to the Stone Door to get a good grade.
  • Combat V Power:
  • Synthesis VIII Attack:

Weeks 4, 5, & 6: Free Time[edit]

The character quests available now are for Flay, Anna, and Muppy

The jobs available now are job numbers 049, 057, 069, 079, 094, and 095.

Week 8 Event[edit]