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Jessica Philomele

Chapter 2[edit]

What kind of syntheses does Jess do alone…?

Go to Campus Grounds, Workshop Hallway (someone's workshop).

Chapter 3[edit]

…has Jess blown anything else up?

Go to workshop, Campus Grounds. Make sure you have five Polish Powders before talking to Jess in the Workshop. To make Polish Powder, buy the Powdering Powder recipe from the Cafeteria and switch the first ingredient to Legien Steel.

Chapter 4[edit]

Oh yeah, I promised to help Jess make something.

Synthesize 2 Nectars, or buy them from the Infirmary. To make Nectar, get the God's Drink recipe. After you got them, speak with Jess inside the Infirmary.


You must activate the cutscene to continue with Jessica's quests.
Location of the cutscene

Chapter 7[edit]

I think there's an outdoors class soon...

There are lots of gather points in the map, so go ahead and gather 2 points to trigger a scene. After the scene, approach the target location in the map.

Chapter 11[edit]

Should I tell everyone about Jess' condition?

Synthesize a Bomb Ice, Red Soup, and a Veggielicious. If you have been following my guide, then you should know how to synthesize them. Give them to Flay, then go to the Workshop Hallway for a scene.