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Chapter 5[edit]

I'm glad Roxis joined our workshop, but...

Head for the Resource Center, and speak with everyone. You will find out that Roxis is in the Millenium Tree. Go there and follow the target location in your map for a scene. You need to synthesize a Plosion. After you made it, return to the Millenium and give it to the Mana to trigger a scene.

Chapter 6[edit]

I wonder if Roxis is still mad....

After the scene, head for the Resource Center.

Chapter 7[edit]

How's Roxis been since he got his Mana?

After the scene, head for the Mana Ruins and follow the target location in your map. To get the treasure chest, you need to do a lot of jumping and walking on the narrow ledges to reach it. Open the chest to view a scene. Now return to the Academy, and go to the Workshop for a scene.


You must activate the cutscene to continue with Roxis's quests.
Location of cutscene
Guy's Dormitory

Chapter 8[edit]

This quest is actually pretty tricky. Basically, you need to ask the right questions with Roxis. Otherwise, you will fail this quest.

After the scene, head for the Guy's Dormitory. For your first question, pick either "Alchemy" or "School". For your second question, you can pick whomever you want, and for your third question, either answer is fine.

Chapter 11[edit]

It seems Roxis does a lot of thinking lately

After the scene, you need to synthesize a Cure Jar. If you turn it in with an E-Level of 100, you will tie with Roxis. It doesn't matter if you win or lose since the second half is more important. After the scene, you have to fight Roxis. Use Chaos Devotion to take him out in 1 turn.