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Week 1 Event[edit]

Nikki returns from class with tales of a transfer student, Roxis Rosenkrantz. Flay and Vayne run off to recruit the new kid for their workshop.

Go to the Classroom to finish this event. Unfortunately, Tony and Renee have gotten there first.

Week 2 Class: Predictology[edit]

Campus Grounds: Gloves (Recipe: Puppy Paw Gloves) 200
Student Store: Zettel 80
Infirmary: Luxury Purse (Recipe: Fake Brand Bag) 150

You still only have one choice of class to take, and you'll be whisked off to the classroom as soon as you accept the course in Student Affairs. You are given a Fishing Pole and told to go to the Heights and fish for two hours without catching any monsters. The Heights opens up (Off Campus).

On the path to the Heights is a chest containing the Spring Decor recipe (Eternal Turnkey). Once you get to the fishing spot, it will give you an explanation of the fishing mini-game. This is fairly straight-forward. If the line is almost all green it will be a monster, so don't reel it in! You will get a lower grade if you catch several monsters. If one of the two spots is giving you trouble, move to the other one, though it's doubtful this actually makes any difference. A cutscene will tell you when time's up, and at that point you can return to student affairs to get your grade.

Week 3 Class: Pharmacy I[edit]

Note that although the game states an estimated time of 6 hours for this assignment, it's possible to get an A for completing the assignment in more than 12 hours.

This week starts with an introduction to rumors, and their biggest fan, Koropok. The Gossip Shop tutorial becomes available.

This week's mandatory class is Pharmacy I. Your assignment is to water some plants in the farm out in the Living Forest. You're also given a Shovel to dig up a few things. A chest on the way to the Farm contains the Puppy Paw Gloves, if you haven't found it on previous trips into the Living Woods.

Once you arrive at the Farm, clear some of the weeds and look for the spot with the exclamation point. Hit Cross button on the spot and you'll water the plants. Next you'll receive the tutorial for gathering. Gather some items and head back to receive your stamps.

Weeks 4 & 5: Free Time[edit]

This being your first allotment of free time (assuming you passed all of your classes), you'll receive the Free Time tutorial. As the tutorial states, you can skip free time by going to the Guys' Dormitory and heading to bed.

This is a good time to catch up on all of the synths and recipes available to get the grow book up to date. It's also best to do all of the jobs available, since they can give you valuable ingredients and you'll earn some money. Jobs also don't end your free time.

When you feel you've done all you can with jobs and exploring, talk to either Jess or Nikki to advance their character quests. Since you have two blocks of Free Time and two characters (besides Vayne) in your party, you should be able to complete all of the available character quests in this chapter.

Week 6 Final Exams[edit]

You receive the recipe for Strong Fiber (Dietary Fiber). Your final is to make the item for the next afternoon. Off to the Heights to get the key ingredient. Move on past the save point you encounter and you'll be stopped by Roxis.

Make your way to the Huffin Tree and claim the Huffins needed for your final exam. Nikki makes a pact with the ManaOfTree. Return to the workshop to synthesize the Dietary Fiber and complete the exam.