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PlayStation 2 Windows Xbox Action
Neutral lstick W A S D Neutral lstick Movement
Cross button Space A button Jump/Select
Square button PC Mouse Left Click.png X button Attack
Circle button F Y button Use
Triangle button X B button Cancel
L1 button Shift LT button Focus
R1 button PC Mouse Right Click.png RT button One of three PSI power slots.
R2 button Q RB button or Black button
L2 button E LB button or White button
Left dpad [ Left dpad Inventory Menu
Right dpad ] Right dpad PSI Powers Menu
R3 button PC Mouse Middle Click.png R button First Person view
Start button ESC Start button Journal
L3 button Tab L button Stats
Up rstick Keypad 8 Up rstick Look Up
Down rstick Keypad 2 Down rstick Look Down
Left rstick Keypad 4 Left rstick Look Left
Right rstick Keypad 6 Right rstick Look Right

In Windows, the mouse can move the camera, but not when the PS2 Controller and Xbox controller is in use.