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Through the Dragon's Eye challenge 3 intro.png

At the start of this challenge, Gorwen will say from off-screen "Inside the Book Tree is a maze. Boris wants to get to the Book Room. Can you show him the way?"; once you have pressed Space to continue, Boris shall appear at the start of a randomly-generated maze, as Gorwen says "Tell Boris if he must go up (U), down (D), left (L) or right (R).". Once you have pressed Space again, Gorwen will tell you "Also tell him how many steps to take each time. Don't let him bump into any walls!" - and once you have pressed Space for the third time, you will have to press U, D, L and R to tell Boris which direction he must move in and the number keys to tell him how many steps to take. However, if you tell Boris to move in the wrong direction or type in too big a number, he shall bump into a wall and Gorwen will say "Ouch! What a bump! Try again."; once you have pressed Space, time will get returned back to the start of the challenge. Once you have directed Boris to the Book Room, Gorwen shall say: "Phew! Now where is the Veeton?" - and once you have pressed Space, the game will proceed to the fourth challenge, which gives you a choice of two places to look for the first Veeton.