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Through the Dragon's Eye challenge 7 intro.png

At the start of this challenge, two of the Widgets, Nod and Oz, will fish the map out of the waterfall, as Gorwen says from off-screen "Oh no! All that work to get the map and now the Widgets have taken it."; once you have pressed Space to continue, he will say "Challenge them to a word game. Perhaps you can win it back.". Once you have pressed Space again, Gorwen will ask you "Who will you play with?" with the two Widgets' names below it - and the one you choose determines the puzzle you have to solve. If you choose to play with Nod six more Widgets thinking of six randomly-generated words will appear on the screen, with 18 words (mark, tail, cream, fire, pong, light, bones, shoe, sand, peg, axe, house, pack, cake, bag, hole, song, and set) beneath them, as Gorwen asks you, "Can you match the words in the bubbles with words from the list?"; once you have pressed Space, the first Widget will jump up four times. For the first four correct answers Gorwen shall say "Good. Now try the next one." - and once you have pressed Space to continue, the next Widget will jump up five times (however, if you answer wrongly, Gorwen will say "Sorry no!", and you will have to press Space to return time back to the start of the puzzle). After five consecutive right answers, Gorwen will say "Good. Only one more to go." and after six consecutive correct answers he will say "Great! You have won that game. You can have the map now."; you must now press Space to go to the eighth challenge.

However, if you choose to play with Oz, six more Widgets thinking of six randomly-generated words shall appear upon the screen with 18 different words (down, bad, cold, day, old, right, dry, dark, short, out, blunt, hard, soft, young, sell, thin, sad, and lose) under them as Gorwen asks you "Can you find the opposites of the words in the bubbles?"; the rest of his dialogue for this puzzle is identical to Nod's, so after six consecutive correct answers, you shall have to press Space to proceed to the eighth challenge (which involves reading the map and having to work out a way to get to the last Veeton).