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Through the Dragon's Eye challenge 9.png

At the start of this challenge, Scott shall appear on the screen, hanging from the branch of a tree while holding the last Veeton (which is a cylinder), with two Widgets (one of whom is thinking of the number 10) below him, as Gorwen says from off-screen "Scott has found the last Veeton in the tree. But he can't hold on much longer!"; once you have pressed Space to continue, he will say "The Widgets have a safety net, but will they use it? They might if you answer ten questions quickly.". Once you have pushed Space again, Gorwen shall say "Here is the first one:" followed by a randomly-generated yes/no question - and if you answer it correctly, the number in the first Widget's thought bubble will decrease by one (but if you answer it wrongly, Scott will lose his grip on the branch a little more, and if you answer five questions wrongly, he will fall into the hole as Gorwen says "Oh dear. Try again.", so you will have to push Space to return time back to the start of the challenge). But once you have answered ten questions correctly before answering five wrongly the first Widget will extend his safety next to the second one as Scott falls onto it, bounces three times and gets propelled over the second Widget); Gorwen shall now say "Phew! That was close but Pelamar's still fading. We must get back quickly and mend the Veetacore!". Once you press Space for the third time, the game shall proceed to the tenth challenge which involves having to answer questions about the shapes of the Veetons.