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World 4-1[edit]

3-D WorldRunner World 4-1.png
  • Concepts Introduced: Alternate White Willie behavior
  • Key Feature: Using fire poles to jump past Hand Men
  • Description: You will see two fire poles which indicate the place that you must jump from in order to make it over the chasm and not be blocked by the Hand Men. When you land, you must line yourself up with the next gate, and so on. After four jumps, you will run through a crowd of White Willies that behave a little different than in World 1. You will encounter two poles, the first has Rockets, and the second has a Potion. Then line yourself up with the next few gates and jump over the Hand Men filled chasms. Watch out the jumps that end with a fire pole in the middle. After more enemies, you will find two more poles, this time with a Mushroom and a Potion. The last few jumps include a medium jump followed by two short jumps, and one last long jump.

World 4-2[edit]

3-D WorldRunner World 4-2.png
  • Key Feature: Forced running through enemies and fire poles
  • Description: After you start this level, you will see two rows of three fire poles followed by a Warp Balloon. Catch the balloon to be taken to bonus world 4-B. The stars in the early part will be a bit difficult to collect as they are constantly in motion. The later stars are stationary and easier to catch. When you return, after another row of three fire poles, you will see three poles in a line, containing a Rocket, a Mushroom, and Invincibility. After you leave this area, you will be forced to run through a field of White Willies and fire poles. Another row of fire poles can be found with a lone pole in the middle of the group, containing an Extend Heart. After another long stretch of enemies, you will come to another pole in the midst of fire poles, but this one contains a Mushroom. Shortly after that, you will move on to the next World

World 4-3[edit]

3-D WorldRunner World 4-3.png
  • Key Feature: Using fire poles to jump past Hand Men
  • Description: This world is pretty much a repeat of World 4-1 except you are forced to run through most of it. Now instead of two poles indicating the safe path over the chasms, you will find three. When you land, look for the next set of three poles to guide you over to the safe section before you jump. When the jumps stop, continue running through the space occupied by the fire poles as these are the only places where you can safely run without getting stopped by the Hand Men. A pole in the middle of the first stretch contains a Potion. A second pole later on contains a Stopwatch. However, the last very tall pole that you encounter contains a Mushroom.

World 4 Boss[edit]

3-D WorldRunner World 4 boss.png

The boss of world 4 starts out white, and looks a bit as if it's made of snow. But don't be fooled, it's far tougher. You will notice that this boss begins to make faster movements and sweeps across the open space. It can be a little hard to predict at first. When you've concentrated enough fire at the head, the outline which switch from purple to red to indicate that it is close to defeat. You must defeat this boss not once, not twice, but three times before you can move on to World 5. Mess up in battle, and it's back to the start of World 4-3.