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World 7-1[edit]

3-D WorldRunner World 7-1.png
  • Concepts Introduced: Forced double speed running
  • Key Feature: Forced double speed running and jumping over chasms with fire poles
  • Description: Get ready, because world 7 is going to send you running at twice the normal speed. You may be taken by surprise when you see how fast you start moving. You'll encounter three rows of poles, all of which contain Mushrooms, so don't bother exploring them. After that, all you'll be doing for the rest of World 7-1, is running through fields and jumping across chasms, both loaded with fire poles. You'll have to react very quickly to the positions of the poles, as well as the shorter jumps which require that you land early enough to make the next jump. It make take some practice before you get the timing of the jumps down.

World 7-2[edit]

3-D WorldRunner World 7-2.png
  • Concepts Introduced: Vapor Clouds and Dog Faces
  • Key Feature: Forced double speed running through enemies and fire poles
  • Description: When you start this world, you will see three rows of poles. These rows contain Rockets, Potions, and Invincibility. After jumping across a chasm, you will run through a field of Spinners. After another jump, they are joined by more fire poles. You will notice a new enemy floating in the air called Vapor Clouds. They only exist here. Soon after, you will meet another new enemy called Dog Faces. They don't pose a huge threat, but they can't be shot down, so just avoid them. After the Dog Faces, you will end up in the next World.

World 7-3[edit]

3-D WorldRunner World 7-3.png
  • Key Feature: Forced double speed running and jumping over chasms with fire poles
  • Description: You will find a row of Warp Balloons that take you to World 7-B. As you might expect, you will be forced to run in double speed here as well, which means you shouldn't expect to collect every star; it's impossible. But you can collect a Potion and an Extend Heart from the poles you find there. The rest of World 7-3 is pretty much the same as World 7-1, with slightly longer jumps and trickier timing. Only your reflexes can help you make it safely to the other side of the world.

World 7 Boss[edit]

3-D WorldRunner World 7 boss.png

The boss of world 7 has the head of a lion. This boss not only moves quickly forward and backward, it also move tremendously fast sideways making it extremely difficult to hit. In this boss' case, it's actually not a terrible idea to try and shoot away many of the segments that will ultimately block your shot at its head while it is flying away from you. Though still dangerous, you will have a substantially easier time killing off this boss when it is reduced to just the head. It turns green just before it is about to be defeated. You'll have to defeat four of these monsters before moving on.