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It all starts with a computer simulator called MASON. As a speech of connections go by, we see the following clips: a electrocardiograph, with a heart being fine. A shot is heard and there is a flatline; Two full houses from the first case; Two gun firing and a view of what looks like a performer getting shot; a girl passing out in what looks like a courtroom; and finally, a shadowy shot of a familiar face on the witness's stand.

Case Information[edit]

  • Time of Crime: October 6, between 9:00 and 9:30PM
  • Location: Drew Studio
  • Defendant: Vera Misham
  • Victim: Drew Misham
  • Cause of Death: Atroquinine Poisoning
  • Murder Weapon: Atroquinine Poison
  • Defense Attorney: Apollo Justice
  • Prosecution Lawyer: Klavier Gavin


Defense Attorney[edit]

AJ apollo.png

Apollo Justice A rookie attorney, whose cases are apparently chronicled by the victim's paintings. Will he managed to find a connection to this case from seven years ago?


PW vera.png

Vera Misham The victim's daughter. Vera is extremely shy. She hardly smiles, speaks, nor leaves her home. She takes care of her father and loves him very much.


PW drew.png

Drew Misham Vera's father, who would do just about anything for his daughter. He is very kind and is, in fact, an artist.

Prosecution Lawyer[edit]

AJ klavier.png

Klavier Gavin Your rival prosecutor. Phoenix faced him on his final case seven years ago. What did Klavier do to strip of him of his attorney's badge?


PW brushel.png

Spark Brushel An over-energetic, and painfully curious, Brushel is an interviewer who makes the stupidest headlines ever. He was interviewing the victim when the crime occurred.

Other Characters[edit]

AJ trucy.png

Trucy Wright Your assistant and a magician. Trucy loves to play tricks and can sometimes outright pester Apollo. She is Phoenix's daughter, but she is actually adopted. Where is her real father?

PW hobophoenix.png

Phoenix Wright Former defense attorney. His role is vital to this case, so is the case seven years ago.

PW adultema.png

Detective Ema Skye A detective who uses scientific tools to investigate. She actually wanted to be a scientific investigator, but was pushed into the precinct instead. Ema's sister was once Phoenix's client.

PW kristoph.png

Kristoph Gavin Kristoph was a defense attorney. Now he is a jailbird. His role is very important in this case.

PW valant2.png

Valant Gramarye A brilliant magician, who happens to be Trucy's uncle, and part of Troupe Gramarye. He plays an important role to this case and the one seven years ago.

PW zak.png

Zak Gramarye One of the members of the Troupe Gramarye. Where is he now?


PW talentagency.png

Wright Anything Agency This is where you work at.

PW detentioncenter.png

Detention Center This is where your clients (in this case Vera) are being held.

PW drewstudio.png

Drew Studio The crime scene. This is were Vera and Drew lived together.

PW coliseum2.png

Sunshine Coliseum Where the crime scene of your last case took place. Valant is willing to make a comeback here.