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Clash at Demonhead NES map Route 27.png
Left exit
23 Clash at Demonhead NES map 16-23-25-27.png 25
Walkthrough highlights
  • A Magic Stone is hidden beneath the lava.
  • Travel from the right exit to the left exit to reach Route 16.
Right exit
Clash at Demonhead NES map 27-29-37.png 29


Assuming you enter from the right exit, take out the small enemies bouncing along the bottom of the screen, along with the one floating enemy to the left. Continue left and take out a few more floating enemies before you encounter Michael. (You will encounter Michael on the other side of the route instead, if you happened to enter from the left exit.) He tells you that the magic stone is below the lava. Bang theorizes that he could swim through the lava in a Supersuit. Michael reiterates that you should use the stone inside the well in Route 15. Before you continue, make sure you have at least one fully charged Supersuit in your inventory, or call a shop if you need to buy one.

Clash at Demonhead NES Magic Stone.png

Drop down to the screen below, where you'll encounter a single bouncing enemy. Then drop down again, this time hugging the right wall. You will land on a small ledge before some lava. Don a Supersuit now, and dive into the lava. Push down along the bottom of the screen right where you jumped in, and you should discover a screen below the lava where the Magic Stone awaits. When you collect it, your power meter will increase by two bars. After you grab the stone, swim back up and all the way over to the left, where you can hop out. Carefully jump up to the ledge on the right, and climb your way up to the screen above. There are no enemies in the final section, simply make your way to the exit on the left.